Ballpoints vs. Fountain Pens – Which One to Choose?


Every person has a different choice of pens. The preferable options are the ballpoint pens as well as the fountain pens. Many people are always confused between these two options. Undoubtedly, both pens are perfect for writing and these stationery items are also available in different ink colors.

But sometimes, you must choose between these two options and pick the perfect pen that suits your personality and style of writing. By considering some differences, you can easily determine which one of them is the perfect choice. In the following write-up, we will compare two pen types and consider the best option.

Whether you are a student, a professional, a political head, a celebrity, or anyone, the choice of pen signifies your identity. You must write perfectly and comfortably. After comparison, you will pick what is perfect for you.

Smooth Writing


A massive difference is there in between the ink, i.e., used in these pens. If we talk about ballpoints, there is oil-containing ink, and it cannot flow freely. In the fountain writing tool, the ink is liquid-based and it is quite easy to flow.

Whenever you use them to write, one will observe that it is necessary to put so much pressure and effort in the case of a ballpoint pen. But whenever you start using the fountain pen, it is not mandatory to press the tip roughly, and you will observe that the ink will start flowing smoothly. You can easily write. The winner is the fountain writing tool if you consider this factor.


The color of the fountain ink is comparatively deeper than the ballpoints. Whenever you touch the tip on the paper, its ink will start releasing its color and leave its deep impact. If you want to draw vivid lines, you must prefer the fountain ones.

But the case is pretty different in the ballpoints. The depth of color depends on the total pressure that you apply. If you put it roughly, the ballpoint pen will start releasing the ink deeply. Here also, the fountain pen wins.

Ink Period


You can keep writing by using a ballpoint pen continuously without ink refilling. But if you prefer a fountain pen, one must refill it after ten to twelve pages. The period of the ballpoints is comparatively over the fountain ones.

There is no way to measure the capacity of ink in the cartridge. But you can see the ink level in the ballpoint refill. If you want a long-lasting pen, you must go for the ballpoint as it is the winner here.


Ballpoints are cheaper than fountain ones. You can keep using them to write various pages. But the ballpoints are made up of disposable materials, and it is harmful to the environment. There is no need to throw the fountain one.

Once the ink is run out, you can refill the cartridge and operate the same pen repeatedly. A person has to spend money once, and it is affordable for him. But if we calculate the yearly cost of a ballpoint, it is comparatively more. Therefore, you decide to choose which product.

Environment Friendly


The fountain paint can be reused by refilling the ink, but the ballpoint is for one-time use. Many people prefer to change the plastic cartridge in the ballpoint whenever the ink runs out. In various fountain pens, its cartridge is made up of glass which can be recycled.

If you compare these two pens based on this factor, fountain pens win over the ballpoint. There is no harm to the environment if most people use a fountain pen.

Comfortable grip

Different brands work on the grip to provide a comfortable writing experience to the user. The rubber-made grip is quite easy to handle and you can write with ballpoint pens. But you need to put extra effort into writing in your handwriting.

The fountain writing tool is designed so that they are comfortable to hold and write continuously. If we consider the winner of this factor, then the fountain pen wins the race. It has a more comfortable grip than the ballpoint.



There are chances of ink leakage in fountain pens, and hence, it is not a convenient option to use. Comparatively, ballpoint cartridges never leak because of their oil-based consistency. Suppose you are carrying a ballpoint in the pocket or purse, there is comparatively less risk of leakage than the fountain ones.

There is no more thing that you must consider while making a choice. The fountain pen ink can easily dry if you keep its nib open. But the case is the opposite in the ballpoint. If you lost the cap, you could not use the fountain pen. Considering this factor, the ballpoint wins over the other option.



Nothing can beat the design and elegance of the fountain writing tool. Undoubtedly, you can get different designs in ballpoint, but they cannot match the design of its competitor. The user will feel more comfortable handling the fountain pen and writing in their style.

It looks classic and compliments the user’s personality. You can buy it at cheap and expensive rates, but it will always look elegant. Even if you buy an expensive ballpoint pen, it will never compete with the fountain pen. Here, the winner is a fountain pen.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing between a ballpoint and fountain pen, make sure that you consider all the mentioned factors. After comparison, it is found that the fountain pen is way better than the ballpoint pen due to its amazing features. But every person has a different choice and perspective. Therefore, you can choose whatever you like.

Before purchasing any pen, make sure that you try the sample to check whether you are comfortable while writing or not. Consider all the mentioned factors to determine the right product that you must purchase. If you are still confused, try both stationery pens from It is the best way for you to compare and find the appropriate product.

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