4 Things to Do if You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated


Each of us has or had one wish, and that is to do the work of our dreams. It all has to do with the dream that we all have as children, to do something that will fulfill us and something that is best for us, that is interesting and arouses our curiosity.

Doing the job you love is the most beautiful thing, that is, the most beautiful feeling that a person can have to know the fact that there are many people who failed to do what they wanted, so they do work that is for them only a source of earning time to be able to ensure a smooth existence primarily for themselves but also for their family.

It’s nice when you do the job you love, but sometimes good things come to an end. Sometimes we put an end to ourselves when we want a new and bigger challenge and look for another job, sometimes the end comes with retirement, and sometimes the end comes through termination.

Termination is used as a term for the moment when the employment is terminated and terminated, ie for the moment when you end your engagement in the company in which you once worked. It can be agreed upon if you want to leave the company for a specific reason, but it can also be unilateral for certain reasons that the company will explain to you, and there may be a wrongful termination. What is it about in that case?


As we said a while ago, when you are in a job, there can be terminated if you want it, but also if the employer asks you to do so, ie he wants to terminate the contract for some reason that is unrealistic or discriminatory. Then it is about wrongful termination. If the employer suddenly asks to terminate the employment contract, ie employment because of your religion, gender, orientation, political affiliation, disability, or even family medical leave or pregnancy, which according to the law is subject to discrimination, then it is definitely a question for a case which according to the law will be called as wrongful termination.

And what do you do if you are in this situation or specifically if you have exercised your right to family medical leave or pregnancy? You will definitely have to take something, and we find out what it is in today’s article because we have dedicated ourselves to that very topic, and you can find out much more below.

1. You should definitely contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit


If there is such a bad case of wrongful termination, and especially if there is a violation of the right to family medical leave or pregnancy, you should definitely contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit. As we said, the employer can allow you to leave or fire you. because there are no more conditions for you and your workplace, due to violation of work rules, etc.

But there is no way an employer can fire you on the principle of wrongful termination where you are fired specifically for discriminatory reasons such as family medical leave or pregnancy. This is an already higher level of discrimination that you need to report to a lawyer who is experienced in this field such as Bibiyan Law Group who have provided tremendous help and support to many people and to file a lawsuit seeking justice for what they did to you.

2. You can turn to the ombudsman and point out such discrimination

There is also another way you can act. Wondering what it’s all about? Of course, it is about the ombudsman. He is the person that people often forget, and they forget because there is no intention to do so.

However, it is good to remember this professional who can help you a lot, because it is still a matter of higher discrimination, ie discrimination that refers to a ban on exercising your right to family medical leave or pregnancy that the law allows you to use this right, but the employer does not. That is why this high state body can help you a lot and it is necessary to always keep it in mind in such situations.

3. Seek support from workers’ organizations as well as women’s rights organizations


There are also a number of organizations that exist to fight for one thing in particular. In particular, there are organizations that fight for the rights of workers who condemn this and similar acts, but also women’s organizations that specifically condemn the ban on the use of the right to pregnancy.

That’s why it’s very good to go to them, tell them the whole situation, and explain to them that you are actually very discriminated against and that this is unacceptable, and they will certainly stand by you and defend your rights and views. and through that, they will express their support.

4. Tell this story to as many people as possible for more support

Telling the story by word of mouth and from person to person can help a lot, and we have seen this in many cases that have been talked about for a long time, and in the end, everything ended in the best order.

So for example you can decide to share this incident and everything that your employer has done to you, to share that you are wrongfully terminated due to family medical leave or pregnancy, for one reason more or another, that it is discrimination, and that you do not deserve that denial of the rights that your employer is doing to you. So many people will feel that you need help and that with that help and support you will succeed in getting justice for yourself.

These are just some of the things that you can do, but you can be even louder and more active in achieving the justice that you really owe to win the fight in which you are discriminated against. terminated employment and you lose your job. Fight to the end because every fight will be a victory for you!

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