10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paraguay

Paraguay Facts

Paraguay is basically a country present in South America. It has a population of 6.802 million around and uses Paraguayan Guaraní as its currency. Official languages which are spoken in Paraguay are Spanish and Paraguayan Guaraní. Paraguay is a democratic country and is quite an amazing country, a place that is different from other countries in many ways.

Paraguay is bordered around Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. This country is surrounded by subtropical forests, Scrubland Wilderness, Swampland, and Savannah. Asuncion is the capital of this country of Paraguay, which is located near the Paraguay River. Pampas Fox is one of the national animals here in this country, and the national bird here is bellbird. There are many facts about this country which are not heard of and are very interesting. There are many surprising and interesting facts related to Paraguay, like its’ cuisine, hobbies, speech, music, hospitability, and much more. So let’s look at some of the facts you didn’t know about PARAGUAY.

10 Must-Eat Food No Matter What

Generally, in many societies, declining any drink or food being offered is considered to be good manners, and in other societies, you should never decline, which is what’s the case is with Paraguay.

Paraguay is such a society where declining what is being offered is considered to be rude. So if you are in this country, then be careful in such a situation, as otherwise, it would seem to be disrespectful. Along with this also compliment upon.

9 Land

It was blurted out by PJ O’Rourke, that Paraguay is not famous for anything and is nowhere. But later it was regretted by him when he came around and visited this tiny country in South America.

This country is surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. It was very well said by Augusto Roa Bastos, who is a Novelist, and died in the year 2005, he said that it is an island which is surrounded by all sides of the land.

8 Water

This land is preoccupied with water, this is why the name of the country is reckoned to be as the crowned river or the Payaguas river, which is Indian Tribe. This is after native Guaraní Indian words basically for water and palm crown.

This country also boasts one of the world’s biggest power plants that is hydroelectric, present near the river named Parana. This is also shared among Brazil, which connects to Itaipu Dam which helps generate almost all the electricity of Paraguay’s.

7 Not That Time Conscious

People of Paraguay are usually very relaxed, who like to do their things by their time. There isn’t any strict schedule which has to be followed. They enjoy each of the things that they do and give it time.

They aren’t really in too much rush to finish and just get over with it. Here no one would be offended if anyone arrives late. Giving time to things, and maintaining good relationships is given more importance compared to being worried about time.

6 No-Smoking Areas

The advertisement for smoking cigarettes has been outlawed for a long time, and it’s not supposedly promoted on both print media as well as electronics. This has also been followed by Paraguay.

Smoking in cinemas and theatres, and also at many cafes, is prohibited in Paraguay. Cigarette producers, for this reason, are losing that global fight and act against smoking.

5 One Terrible Taboo

Usually, when anyone is tired in other societies, they sit down and rest their feet on the stools. Also if many times footstools are not available, people just throw their feet on chairs or tables.

But in Paraguay, this is a taboo, don’t be disrespectful by doing so. This is something very serious for them, so avoid such a habit and never put your legs on the table or chair.

4 Always Maintain Eye Contact

There is such saying that Eyes Never Lie, and the people of Paraguay believe in this. Globally it is not followed and its not like a compulsion to maintain eye contact. Many people in other societies don’t maintain eye contact while having a conversation and that is alright.

But in Paraguay, you should maintain eye contact, always look in the eyes and talk. Especially while having a conversation, this is a must, as it is seen to be mutual respect and trust.

3 Gifts to Honor Invites

When Paraguayans invite someone, they do it with showing great honor and respect, and this is done by without even voicing it out. You might think how is that, well this is because whenever they present an invitation, they carry along with a gift.

They generally take something with them such as wine, nice flowers, chocolates, or good liquor. They also have it wrapped very well, and this is their way to show appreciation.

2 Indirect Communication

Many societies have a certain way of communicating which is very peculiar to them only. Paraguay is also not considered to be an exception here.

In Paraguay, communication is not just direct, that is people don’t just say it and be direct, but they imply something rather than actually saying it out. Paraguayans actually prefer the indirect way of communicating than direct.

1 Crafts

People of Paraguay are very much into creating and designing, they are known for their amazing crafts. Women along with men, both take their inspiration through the spider webs.

One of the most popular craft in Paraguay is Lace-making, and also Embroidery. Nandi lace, where Nanduti actually means spiders’ web, and this combines the needlepoint lacemaking of the 16th century, which was trained by missionaries along with the traditions of Guaraní.

These facts are not much known by many people. So lets’ look at the 10 facts you didn’t know about PARAGUAY, and will definitely astonish you and are very interesting.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paraguay

1. Crafts
2. Indirect Communication
3. Gifts to Honor Invites
4. Always Maintain Eye Contact
5. One Terrible Taboo
6. No-Smoking Areas
7. Not That Time Conscious
8. Water
9. Land
10. Must-Eat Food No Matter What

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