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Top 10 Benefits Of Eating Egg

Benefits Of Eating Egg

Breakfast forms the main part of our food schedule. It is very necessary to have a proper breakfast in the morning. The breakfast is the main source of energy for performing each and every task throughout the day. The fruits, cereals, milk, and bread are some of the essential food items which each one of us should include in our breakfast.

Eggs are one of the most common foods of breakfast in the world. You can make a large variety of dishes from eggs. The eggs can be eaten raw, boiled, making omelets or added to any other delicious recipes. It is the quick and easiest food which can be prepared in a few minutes. Eggs are good for health and they have endless benefits to the body. We have listed the top 10 Benefits Of Eating Egg.

10 Eggs Are Very Convenient

Eggs are very easy to prepare. For working women and students, eggs are time-saving foods that can be included in the morning breakfast. Eggs can be eaten in several ways. You can either prefer boiled eggs or scrambled ones.

You can prepare omelet and frittatas by adding eggs and many other vegetables such as spinach and onions. The egg breakfast is good in the morning and it gives you the strength and energy to run for the whole day at the office, school, and college.

9 Nutritious

Eggs have the highest amount of nutrients which are necessary for the development of the body. They are rich sources of calories and proteins. Boiled eggs contain vitamin A, B12, D, phosphorus, riboflavin, and many other minerals.

Eggs are suggested by a dietitian to those who are very weak and want to gain weight due to the high amount of fats. The boiled eggs are one of the best ways to eat eggs in the morning breakfast which keeps you fit for the whole day.

8 Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Eggs are the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are necessary for metabolism. Omega 3 fatty acids help in fighting heart disease and in various types of cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. They regulate the supply of blood in the body.

Omega 3 fatty acids are given to children with many disabilities such as autism. They help in reducing depression and mental stress. They are good for eyes, brain and a healthy nervous system.

7 Eggs Increase HDL (Good cholesterol)

This is one of the biggest benefits of eating eggs. Eggs increase the level of HDL which is the good cholesterol in your body. HDL is useful to the body in several ways. It reduces the chances of heart disease and brain stroke.

If you eat eggs daily in your breakfast or meals, the level of HDL will increase in your body which ultimately fights against many disorders and so it is very important to include eggs in your meals.

6 Eggs Are Good For Eyes

If you do not want specs at an early age then include eggs every day in your food. Eggs have lutein, zeaxanthin and various other antioxidants which are good for eyesight. Eggs reduce the chances of getting cataracts in old age and it also fights against macular degeneration which is a serious eye disorder found in many humans.

Eggs are rich sources of vitamin A which is very necessary for good eyes and one won’t have the problem of night blindness if they eat eggs every day.

5 Good For Hair And Nails

The eggs contain a high amount of sulfur and many other proteins, minerals, and vitamins which are necessary for good hair and healthy nails. Egg yolk is often used in the making of many hair shampoos and conditioners. It gives the shiny look to your hair and makes it soft and smooth.

If you are fond of growing tall nails then you should include eggs every day in your meals. Eggs make your nails strong. Eat eggs every day for good hair as well as nails.

4 Eggs Are Good For Body Development

Eggs are a rich source of proteins which are necessary for strong bodybuilding. Eggs are beneficial for people who have weak bodies and also for those who want to lose their weight. Eggs help to build strong muscles and they help in reducing the high pressure. They are good for strong bones due to the high amount of vitamin D.

Raw eggs or boiled eggs contain many proteins that are very necessary for the strong physical structure of the human body. Due to the high amount of proteins, eggs prove to one of the healthiest breakfast food items.

3 Eggs Contain Choline

One of the major benefits of eating eggs is that they contain a higher percentage of choline. The deficiency of choline gives rises to many health problems and disorders in the human body. The appropriate amount of choline in the body will fight against heart disease and helps in a strong cardiovascular system.

Choline helps in the development of the brain and is also good for a healthy nervous system. Eggs sharpen your mind and increase your memory.

2 Prevention Of Breast Cancer

Eggs are suggested to the women who suffer from breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most increasing diseases in women nowadays. It is found in the studies that women who regularly consume the eggs have less chance of getting breast cancer. It is very important to include eggs in meals every day to fight against breast cancer and also other cancers such as prostate cancer.

1 Healthy Breakfast

A heavy breakfast of eggs in the early morning will give the energy of the whole day. Eggs contain a higher percentage of proteins which are good for the body. The eggs supply the power to run the whole day for performing various activities in a day. You may also skip lunch if you eat the heavy breakfast consisting of eggs.

So, we saw how eggs are beneficial for health. So now, start including eggs each day in your food and you will have no complaints.

Top 10 Benefits Of Eating Egg

1. Healthy Breakfast

2. Prevention Of Breast Cancer

3. Eggs Contain Choline

4. Eggs Are Good For Body Development

5. Good For Hair And Nails

6. Eggs Are Good For Eyes

7. Eggs Increase HDL (Good cholesterol)

8. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

9. Nutritious

10. Eggs Are Very Convenient

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