10 Wooden Windows Misconceptions That Simply Aren’t True – 2024 Guide

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People say that eyes are windows into our souls. That saying alone can show how significant are windows for our houses. Alongside doors, they are the only thing that we can see from both inside and outside. But visual is only part of the story. Windows have purposes for our households we shouldn’t ignore. Therefore, if you are considering the purchase of new windows, we have some bits of advice that could prove useful. Wooden windows are part of our homes for thousands of years, but some consider them outdated. But the reasons for that are not based on reality. For some reason, several myths exist about timber and windows. So we will help you find the truth and provide assistance in making a decision on which windows to buy. After finishing the research, finding the perfect fit for the house shouldn’t be that hard, just check brico valera site and make a selection.

1. They are too expensive

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Nobody wants to pay too much, and quite honestly, refurbishing the house can be an expensive endeavor. But the idea that timber windows are more expensive simply isn’t a fact. That is especially true when you take into consideration everything else. Repairing or repainting wood is not a difficult task or an expensive one. Furthermore, wooden windows can add to property value due to their beauty and insulation qualities.

2. Fire risks

It is easy to see where this myth comes from, and after all, wood burns, and we are using it for fuel for so long as a species. Still, there are some facts that people are forgetting. First of all, other materials we use for windows will burn and melt at an even lower temperature. In a way, since today we are imbuing wood with fire retardants that are lengthening the life expectancy of wood when a fire breaks out, it can even make the house more secure. Therefore, when it comes to fire risks, wooden windows are maybe even the safest option.

3. What is adding more value?

We mentioned before that wooden windows can add value to homes. But a lot of folks out there will say that its PVC windows that are adding value. The truth is that it depends on the residence and buyers. So if we are talking about an older house, adding PVC could even decrease the value of the property and discourage potential buyers. What looks better on that particular house, and what everyone else is using in that neighborhood, is also of significance.

4. They rot to fast

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It is a known fact that wood roots, isn’t it? Therefore, it stands to reason that items made from wood would suffer from a similar predicament. But that is not the case. If we preserve them properly, rotting will never pose an issue. If you correctly seal and maintain them every year, there isn’t any reason why they should not last for up to 70 years. So as we can see, this is a once in a lifetime investment.

5. Double glazing not available

Yet another false fable is that double glazing window frames are not an option. But any search throughout stores or the internet will debunk that one. Furthermore, double glazing wooden windows are not only gorgeous and elegant but economical as well. They will make sure that your home stays warm when it is cold outside and fresh when it is scorching. So if you have problems of that sort, consider them as the first option for making the house a better living environment.

6. Can it handle bad weather?

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While on the topic of weather, there is another untrue myth. Wood just isn’t able to deal with harder weather as some other materials. But like we already said, it doesn’t matter is it winter or summer, timber will do a good job of isolation. Furthermore, powerful winds also will not be able to affect them. So it doesn’t matter in what region your home is going with timber is always a good call.

7. Maintenance is difficult

We discussed maintenance and the importance of it already. But what about a misconception that it is too hard to do it with wood. That simply is not true. It is pretty easy to clean the frame with water and soap. The final stage is, naturally, only with water to wash away the soap and its leftovers. Timber will even dry pretty fast, so don’t worry about a thing.

8. What about redecorating?

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Well, if maintaining is easy, how about redecorating? First of all, once you buy them, they won’t require any for at least a full decade. But even after, it is not that hard. It is always an option to pay someone to do it anyway, but with a bit of light sand and wiping, you can do it yourself as well. Sometimes the trickiest part is to pick a color, and doing the repainting is the easier part.

9. Is it strong enough?

Again, for some reason, a lot of people think that timber isn’t strong enough. And if we would compare it to stone, steel or something like that, obviously they are stronger. But timber is more than good enough for the job it needs to do. And not to mention that modern wood is utterly much better than before. Technology is advancing, and modern windows are sufficiently strong and safe.

10. Are they a security risk?

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So are they a security risk? Will burglars be happy if they see wooden windows? Not really. Analysis by safety experts is even recommending the use of wooden windows, although, in the end, that alone will not help anyone that much. After all, even doors are usually made from wooden materials, so they are obviously rather sturdy.


So as we have seen, timber has evolved and is not a product of the past. It has served our ancestors, and it will continue to serve us as well. They are a classic for a reason. Therefore, if you need to buy some for the house, they will always be a good option. That is not to say that PVC is always worse, just that timber still has a lot to offer.

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