How to Choose the Right Type of Swimming Pool for Your Yard – 2024 Guide

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There is nothing better than the feeling of coming home after a stressful week at work, taking all of your clothes off, putting on a swimming suit and jumping in the swimming pool in your own yard. Everyone loves the idea of owning a swimming pool, but it is an expensive idea which is why a lot of people avoid committing to it. It is not just expensive to build it, it also requires a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain it. But, some would say that the investment is definitely worth it.

Assuming that you have finally decided to make that investment on your property, you should probably know that making the right choice is not that simple. There are many factors you will have to consider before making any kind of decision. Choosing the right size, form, type, and everything else to ensure that it will fit both your budget and your backyard.

However, there is no need to worry because, with this article, I am going to help you make the right choice. Just make sure you read through this entire guide and you will be ready to finalize your decision.

Above ground

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This is the most common options people consider when thinking of building a swimming pool in their backyard simply because it is much cheaper. In fact, depending on the size of the above-ground pool, it might be 10 times cheaper than a “real” one. You can find a brand-new one for just $500 that will have the water at chest height which is deep enough to cool off after a stressful day at work. You can even go for cheaper if you decide to look for a second-hand solution.

Now, let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantage is that it is much cheaper like I already explained before and easy to install. With help from one more person, you will be able to set it up on your backyard in just one day and it will need another day to fill up. Once it is filled with water, you can use it as much as you want. The maintenance of this type of swimming pool is also quite low. That is another huge advantage over a regular one. Once the season of swimming comes to an end, you can just disassemble it, put it in storage, and reinstall it when the next year’s summer comes by.

However, this is where the disadvantages come. The fact that you have to disassemble it every single year is frustrating and can kill your motivation for swimming. Sure, it takes just one day, but having to do that in your free time is bothersome. Another disadvantage is that the cheaper ones will never be as deep, nor big as a regular pool.

So, to put it simply, if you are working with a tight budget, I would recommend saving up a bit of money for the future and going with the above-ground option.

Concrete pool

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Now we are finally getting into the topic of the more expensive options. I can assume that you already know that these pools, especially the ones made from concrete are very expensive. It requires quite a big budget and if you are not ready for that, this is not the right choice for you. It is also important to keep in mind that the maintenance will also cost you a lot of money throughout the years. It is not a lot, but once you calculate the maintenance sum of 10 years, it may be well over $2000 or $3000.

As you can see, the main disadvantage is that it will be expensive and will cost your wallet even after it has been built. It will also take several weeks or months to be built, but that depends on your contractor. It will also require a bit of remodeling every 10 or 15 years.

The main advantage is that it will last you for 15 years without showing any kind of wear and tear. It will look good because you can make it in any shape and size you want. So, if you wanted to be 6 feet deep you can always do that if you have the money to back that up. Another advantage is the fact that there won’t be any moss or algae build-up on the concrete.


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A more modern option that most people find quite appealing and for a good reason. It is not nearly as expensive as building a concrete pool in your backyard, it does not require a lot of maintenance and it looks quite good. In fact, it has been proven that pools made out of fiberglass require the least amount of maintenance when compared to any other option. That is quite impressive considering all of the other benefits.

One more thing I like about fiberglass is the fact that it can be installed in a backyard in just a couple of days. These are a great option for those that have to work with a much smaller backyard as suggested by

I only found two disadvantages to building a fiberglass pool. You will not have that same freedom of making your pool in any shape you want such as the concrete one and you also will not be able to make it more than 10 m or 12 m. Most companies do not have the equipment or the machines to build such a tub of fiberglass.


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Pools made out of vinyl liners are an honorable mention and can be easily compared with the specifications of fiberglass. However, even though they are similar, a vinyl liner inground pool costs more than $5,000 or $10,000, it depends on a lot of different factors.

Right now, there are tons of different types of pool you could pick from, but I do believe the ones I mentioned are the best ones.

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