Top 6 Ways to Beat a Drug Test – 2024 Guide

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You’d be surprised to find out how many ways there are to beat a drug test. For the sake of this article, we’ve decided to tell about the 6 ways that work the best.

Beating a drug test is all about “cheating” the system that ultimately determines whether or not you have done drugs in the past 24 hours and even a few days.

While you might recognize some of these, we’re betting you haven’t heard about the rest. Without wasting too much of your precious time, let’s start.

One thing we should mention before we start, there are very few ways to properly beat a drug test, and many of these can be easily detectible by a high-end testing facility.

1. Diluting the Urine Samples

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You’ll mostly get tested for drugs through a urine sample taken in the morning. You might think that the ultimate trick here is to drink as much water as you can before urinating.

Well, you’d be very wrong and you will fail the test every single time if you do this trick. Modern-day testing laboratories have state of the art equipment that detects a diluted urine sample.

What you shout do instead is directly pour water into the urine sample. But you have to be fortunate enough that the testing facility doesn’t shut off the faucets to prevent malicious tampering with the test.

If you can, take the urine sample at home, pour water, and take it to the testing facility.

2. Detox the Natural Way

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If the testing isn’t to be done in the following 24 hours, and even in the following 15 days, then you’re in luck as there is a very real chance you might detox naturally.

This method is to be done solely in the case of marijuana, as marijuana is a substance that can easily leave your body through exercise, lots of liquids, and eating specific foods.

Detoxing means cleansing your urine out of harmful substances or drugs in our case. THC, the substance most commonly found in marijuana, is fat-soluble. This means that it is stored in your fat cells and it can easily be removed through exercise, loss of liquids, and of course, eating foods that promote the two.

This solution is a long-term one and won’t work if you have a drug test scheduled the following day. Plan and there is a very real chance you’ll detox in time.

3. Drink Detoxification Drinks

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Yet another method that works on the “detox” model is to drink plenty of liquids that are considered “detox drinks”. These drinks are specifically made so you can flush all the unwanted substances from your body in a relatively short notice.

It usually takes around six hours for these to work and it’s very easy to make one.
Some of the detox drinks that you can make yourself include the following:

  • Orange Carrot Ginger Drink

As the same says, this drink is full of Vitamin C and includes oranges, carrots, and ginger as the three main ingredients.

  • Lemonade

Is there any harm to drinking a glass of ice-cold lemonade? No there isn’t. But not only that, lemonade is a great detox drink that can beat a drug test. One cup won’t do it, however.

  • Cucumber Mint

Cucumber mint is probably our favorite detox drink out of all.

Cucumber and mint are excellent antioxidants and very effective when it comes to cleansing your stomach out of harmful substances. Since marijuana is stored in the fat cells of your stomach, cucumber mint might have a hidden property we’ve never known before.

  • Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate, aloe vera and beetroot are the three ingredients of this detox drink. Not only will this drink help solve your problem, but it is also very delicious and sweet.

These are some of the drinks you can make straight from your home that might help with your unpleasant issue. But there is far more to discuss here and we’ve found a great article that can help along. Make sure to read more about the proper way of beating a drug test.

4. Sign Up For A Detox Program

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While you won’t have to go anywhere and do stuff, a detox program will guide you on how to detox properly straight from your home using various methods and remedies.

There are plenty of detox programs out there and they usually get the job done within seven days of starting. So if you happened to have seven days, make sure to sign up for one.

5. Urine Switch

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If all of these fail, then there is always the reliable urine switch method that will do the trick.
This is probably the one you all know and is probably the one that makes the most sense. For a urine switch to be successful, you have to find a person willing to do it for you.

All they have to do is simply pee instead of you before going to the testing clinic or center. Even if you have no one to turn to, there are plenty of weirdoes on Craigslist that will do it for a 50.

6. Detox Pills

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There are pills more commonly known as “cannabis flush pills” that seem to work pretty effectively based on what people say. These pills are made with an enhanced formula that makes you urinate more frequently.

And since these are made from natural ingredients and combinations of remedies, it does it the natural way without doing any harm. You can usually find these at any cannabis dispensary just make sure to read the instructions before taking them.

You can also, if possible, consult with your doctor before taking them.

These were our six methods of beating a drug test. As we said, you might recognize some of these while others come as a complete surprise.

Only a urine switch is a 100% full proof way of beating a drug test, but you’ll never know how fast your body can detox using the rest of the methods.

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