Top 8 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024

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Who would have thought that the cryptocurrency would get this far? In spite of so many people saying that it will disappear quickly, we are now actually looking into more and more investments and the trading potential that the cryptocurrency has. If you are new to crypto trading, it may be difficult for you to decide which currency is worth the attention because the market fluctuates and the trends keep appearing. Recent global events certainly had a very big impact on each aspect of our lives and the crypto market is no different. The pandemic impacted the economics of all the countries in the world-changing the world we know. It is very challenging now to make any decisions, but here are a few coins that are still worth the attention.

1. Bitcoin

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A pioneer in the crypto market is definitely Bitcoin. Its value just kept rising ever since it first showed up, so it is not a surprise that it still deserves the attention of traders around the world even now when the economic conditions are changing. Even though its value drops as we speak, it is still the coin with the best prognosis at the moment. The drop in its value is the third one that happened ever since the Bitcoin appeared. The experts are very confident that this miraculous currency will manage to survive anything and simply continue making success as usual. Even though the situation is not the best it can be, it is still very hopeful. It seems that Bitcoin will manage to keep its position on the market no matter what. We will just need to wait and see.

2. Ethereum

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It is not a surprise that this should be your choice right after the Bitcoin. It is popular worldwide because of its blockchain technology. It is usually used for smart contracts, as well as the decentralized applications and the token creation. When it comes to the adoption rate of Ethereum, it is one of the leading ones on the market. Only last year, Ethereum had more than a million active users of decentralized applications. The further development of events is yet to be seen, but Ethereum is not likely to go anywhere despite some hardships that it may go through.

3. Dash

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This is one of the currencies that didn’t have an exactly bright future. It was a sort of disappointment for the traders, but that may change. Even though its success is more likely to happen in the long term, rather than short-term, its potential is enormous. Since more and more people will turn to other forms of payment, rather than the classic one, dash may be just the choice most will make.

4. Ripple

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Thanks to the fact that Ripple is becoming accepted more and more by the banks worldwide because of the easier and cheaper transactions, its popularity keeps growing. Large organizations are embracing this cryptocurrency which consequently increases its overall popularity on the global level. It is expected that the price will go up in this upcoming period.

5. Tron

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This coin is exciting and Justin Sun, the founder, is making everything he can to make the right moves and popularize it as much as possible. It appeared three years ago and achieved significant success. It is a project that was focused mostly on digital entertainment and with the goal of providing decentralized distribution of data that will be secure and fast. The experts predict that its price will continue to rise, which means that every investment made today will return multiple times in the near future.

6. NEO

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Considering more than $10 million was released for this year on the account of supporting the community expansion, ecosystem growth, and technological development, you can say that the founders of this cryptocurrency are pretty serious about staying in the game. It is growing and developing rapidly, so it is a currency that you should definitely pay attention to.

7. EOS

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The experts from China are working towards including this coin into the most promising currencies that the world should pay attention to. There are even predictions that companies such as Twitter or Amazon will switch to EOS if they ever decide to start using cryptocurrencies. Of course, the situation is not black and white. If the value of Ethereum drops, the value of EOS will rise.

8. Tezos

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Among other cryptocurrencies, there is a small one that is slightly changing the game. Its price doubled in the last few months and there are many predictions that it will just continue to rise. It achieved an astonishing 85% rise which is truly impressive and incredible. This is a pretty huge jump from being in the 15th place, to now falling into the category of the first ten. Even though it can’t be mined, it is truly promising and has a huge potential.

These are the main predictions and even though experts are always striving to give as much information as possible, the fact that the market is not very stable at the moment can change the prognosis in an instant. If you wish to find out more about making the crypto trade more reliable, click here It is necessary to keep a close eye on all the changes that occur so you can adjust your strategy and make the most out of your trading.

Take a look at each of these coins and do your research. It is truly necessary to stay in the loop so you don’t miss out on anything new that is happening. The fact is that each of these coins has something that attracts the attention of the people around the world and simply pulls them in into the trading. There is something so infatuating about these coins that we simply cannot take our eyes of them. Just the possibility of the incredible growth in a very short time is impressive, not to mention that the transactions are easy and transparent.

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