Top 3 Cryptocurrencies in Europe – 2024

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After a decade since Bitcoin was introduced, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto hasn’t been revealed, but its legacy lives on. He managed to make a revolution in the world of finances and introduce a completely new currency to the world that we can enjoy now and use. His goal of making a decentralized currency was completely successful, and people can now enjoy the privacy and transparency it offers.

Bitcoin was the first to appear on the market, but it seems that it is not losing any of its value in any way. It just keeps increasing. This is why most people turn to Bitcoin when they want to start the crypto adventure. It is necessary to say that even though everything is made pretty easy for anyone who wants to start trading to do it, it is necessary to have some previous knowledge about the IT sector and make sure that you are fully aware of all the news concerning cryptocurrencies. If you are interested to know more about the way how it may affect artificial intelligence, check out

After Bitcoin was introduced, more than 2000 cryptocurrencies appeared. People started realizing all the benefits of using them instead of regular currencies. One of the main advantages is certainly privacy. Since there is a peer to peer transfers, third parties don’t have an insight into the details concerning transfers. Security is certainly an important factor too. There are all kinds of steps taken to make sure that the security is on the top level enabling large transfers without worrying if hackers will get a hold of it. This is very important for every businessman in the world.

The fact that it became so popular contributed to the global measures of incorporating it into every aspect of our lives. It is pretty possible that one day we will be able to use it like every other currency. There are ATMs across the globe that enable us to withdraw the amount we want very easily. The great thing about it is that with its growing popularity, the number of new coins increases too. Even though the U.S. is the main market for it, Europe is starting to be a serious competitor. Here are a few cryptocurrencies that you should be aware of.

1. Iota

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This cryptocurrency was founded in Norway, and it is very unique. It was made with the intention of using it for the Internet of things. It does not rely on the blockchain infrastructure, but on the DAG ( directed acyclic graph) otherwise called Tangle. The great advantage of using it is that the sender can make a payment without any third party which makes it completely decentralized. Besides, the transactions are done without fees, for free, which makes it ideal for the people who are just starting to show interest in the crypto market.

Because there are no fees, Iota cryptocurrency is very likely to make a revolution concerning the small transactions and enable transfers without third party participants. As time passes, the number of users increases, which means that we can expect serious popularity in time. Besides, its value is not too big at the moment making it affordable for the people who want to slowly start testing the market and see what it suits them.

2. LSK Token

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This token was established in Switzerland. Ever since it was founded, it showed consistent growth, and it doesn’t stop with the surprises. The fact that companies such as Microsoft acknowledged it as a very successful project, its value increased even more. Its starting value was $17, but now that value just keeps rising. It is on the market for the last four years. It can be stored in the Lisk wallet, but there are also third-party wallets that are also a good alternative. The new features are constantly added. There is also an app that can make everything easier for users.

3. Aeternity

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This is open-source blockchain technology. It was created with the intention of delivering efficiency, as well as transparency and scalability. The great thing about it is that it can manage lots of decentralized applications easily. There is also the fact that smart contracts do not have to exist on the blockchain, they can be executed outside of it so that there is no network overload. When it was established, it was meant to be one of the best forty currencies. However, concerning its future, even though the predictions can be made, it is not possible to say with the absolute certainty what will happen.

These were the cryptocurrencies that deserve the attention of all the Europeans, there is no doubt about that. However, besides these currencies, we will be seeing more of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. The world scene is changing rapidly, and the most important thing to say is that there are more and more opportunities for everyone to make transfers and have full control of the coins without the third party involvement.

It seems like we haven’t seen everything yet concerning the crypto market. There are innovative solutions that just keep amazing us and showing us that there are numerous ways of how things can be done. Crypto trading is attracting the attention of people around the world because it is now more clear than ever that there is a huge potential in this field and that there are things we can do to utilize it for our gain. For starting to trade cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to get to know the market and choose the coins well.

Do your research and make sure you don’t give all your savings into it since it is important to know that there are certain risks too. However, preparing yourself for all the aspects and approaching this endeavor carefully will help you make a significant success and start earning pretty fast. Choose the trading platform wisely and the coins you like the most – that will be a perfect starting point for one successful crypto endeavor!

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