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Aftercare Plan, What Does It Need And How A Good Plan Is Made?


Drug and alcohol addiction is something that happens to people who are going through a lot in their life. When something traumatic happens, people tend to try to fix it but often times they fall apart and look for something that can give them instant gratification.

This instant gratification comes in the form of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it can come in the form of fast food which can make the person incredibly obese and give them high chances of getting excessive diseases aside from mental illnesses during this traumatic event.

One thing to be understood here is that the addiction can be anything and it can happen about anything to anyone. There is no set type of addiction people either get addicted by drugs, by alcohol, by fast food, by junk food, by games, sex, etc. Addiction can happen for anything.

The real question that you might be looking for here is that “Can any kind of addiction be cured?” The simple answer to this question is a big and resounding “Yes.” All kinds of addiction is curable through the main methods of drug and alcohol addiction such as inpatient treatment rehab program and outpatient treatment rehab program and they are available at reputable rehab centers such as Impact Recovery Center.


These two are the set methods that are applied to all kinds of addicts and have proven to heal people in a matter of months depending upon the severity of their addiction. Once the healing process is done, there can be many challenges that the person has to face in order to stay away from relapsing.

The people that are done with their rehab program are very susceptible to drug addiction again, these people need something called an “aftercare program” or an “aftercare plan” that will certainly help the patient who has finished their rehab program at a rehab center and want to stay away from drugs and alcohol or the things and substances they were addicted to.

The great thing about the aftercare plan that rehab centers offer is that it is structured, it is also made by a rehab facility keeping in mind the things that the patient wants the most.

The aftercare plan includes a few things that are vital for the plan to be able to work for the patient or else things can go bad if anything slips out of the plan. When someone completes their drug rehab treatment, they always feel as if that they want to celebrate their hard work by going to a party or planning a party that has alcohol, drugs, or fast food or things that can lead a post-rehab patient astray.

But, instead of holding a party to celebrate your sobriety, you should first make a plan for an aftercare program with the help of a rehab facility that can help you stay sober and not relapse post-treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction.

How to make a good aftercare plan?


A good aftercare plan involves a few things that need to be addressed carefully and crucially. The aftercare plan needs to be made with the patient in mind and they should be asked countless questions to keep their safety and their mental issues in check.

If they are not comfortable in staying at the rehab facility for their aftercare plan then they should not. A good aftercare plan involves the right kind of a location for the drug addict so that they feel more comfortable in the post-rehab treatment scenario.

Furthermore, the patient who has finished their rehab treatment, should tell the rehab counselor and the specialist that they feel more at peace in nature, or they feel more at peace at home or in a remote area. If either one of the before mentioned places are something a post-rehab patient feels that it will help them stay sober and not go back to doing any kind of drugs then the rehab counselor should do that by all means.

What does a good aftercare plan involve?

  • Incorporating methods such as the 12-step program into the plan


A good aftercare plan involves people such as counselors, therapists, and family members, fellow post-rehab patients that can come together and make an effective holistic plan for your aftercare rehab treatment. This involves encouraging a lifestyle that is modified and better than the one that you were leading before.

This lifestyle that we speak of is not something where you used to party till midnight and did not take care of what you were eating and what you were drinking—it is all about accountability. Wanting to get better and wanting to be more disciplined in your approach against life. It is all about starting a new. Therefore, incorporating methods, techniques, and ways to make sure that the patient starts to become a new person when they come out of the aftercare program.

This can mean that the rehab plan can have the 12-step program which can be all about beginning a new in the light of a higher being, and trusting this higher being with your problems, issues, and insecurities regarding your recovery process and practicing the 12-step program religiously that Impact Recovery Center offers.

  • Managing the relapsing behavior of the patient


This includes taking notice of the triggers that the patient fought through in their rehab program and tackling it again for ensuring that the triggers don’t affect the patient anymore and that they are all set to make a return to the real world without worrying about relapsing or going to do drugs or drinking alcohol.

  • Make the patient meet people that have already gone through their aftercare plan and are living their life


Having motivation and the vision of the end result in front of your eyes is highly important for the treatment to work. Therefore, the plan should incorporate people that have already healed their addiction with the help of the aftercare plan to come and pay a visit to the patient who is currently going through or is about to go through their aftercare plan.

These are the things that should be added into the aftercare plan with the help of a reputable rehab center so that the patient can fully recover for once and for all and start living their life to the best of their abilities without holding themselves back due to their addiction.

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