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Your Body Is Too Good For Drugs


The need for gender-specific treatment is often overlooked by many rehab centers and even sometimes the families of an addict also do not consider this factor as an important one. The addiction programs that deal with the addiction of males and females separately are termed gender-specific treatment.

A research study conducted on drug use reported that males’ and females’ addiction differs a lot because of the dissimilarities in genetic and social variations. This is why there is a dire need for separate treatment for both genders.

Dissimilarities exist concerning dependency rate, selection of drug for misuse, frequency of using the drug, and how the body responds as a result of consuming the drugs. The initial reasons for starting drugs are also different and mainly the reasons for drug abuse in females differ from the males.

The relapse chances of both genders are also different. The requirements of males and females are sensitive in their own way and for a relaxed plus supportive treatment; they require a separate rehab treatment program.

Differences among addiction between both genders


Experiences of males and females addiction are highly opposite. Many drug centers do not consider the gender factor important but the national data reported that some factors must be considered. In males, the reason for drug addiction found is the excessive use of marijuana, heroin, and alcohol.

On the other hand, women are mostly addiction patients due to the use of prescription drugs. The reasons why both genders use the drugs also have differences because both the genders go through different circumstances. Their way of dealing with life and general routine issues is different. Men are mostly found involved in drug abuse for improved energy, attentiveness, and for socializing.

They perceive different advantages of drugs and think that drugs enhance intercourse performance. The reasons found behind women’s drug use are typically related to trauma, grief, and abusive relationship. Females are most likely to consume alcohol only when they need to escape from the pain they are going through. They mostly start using medicated drugs but the pain of emotional circumstances adds alcohol too in some cases. Women are found to be a victim in many cases.


Many abuse cases are reported daily. Also, a study found that females who use drugs mostly belong to families who abuse drugs and their partners also use drugs. The next variation is the time span of getting addicted. The bodies of women are naturally made in this way that they get addicted more easily and in a very short time as compared to the men. Men take time in getting fully addicted to drugs but they are never in hurry to cure their addiction if they get addicted. When women realize their addiction habit, they are mostly in hurry to treat the addiction soon.

The anxiety, stress, and moods in males and females also vary. We can see some major differences that show that specific treatment is needed for both genders so we should prioritize this need and help both genders in getting sober for a longer period. Click for more info.

Needs of women VS Needs of Men in overcoming addiction


Now, we all have taken a look that males and females have differences and we should be aware of them. Next, we will talk about the needs. When women are enrolled in treatment, they are better communicators and share the stuff related to motherhood, office work, family relations, personal relations, etc.

Women when collectively live at rehab, they constitute a very safe and comforting environment for each other. Many women got recovered from major traumas when they seek gender-specific treatment. Many women are the victim of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse and such topics cannot be comfortably discussed with male addicts or even male therapists. Women feel safer when they are discussing such issues with female therapists. Women think in such a way that they feel self-worth and value and this is why they won’t be sharing personal issues in front of male patients.

When some mothers become a victim of drug addiction, they feel too much difficulty in staying away from their kids and home. In such a situation, other females at rehab can comfort them to cope with homesickness. Women do empower each other around them and take no time in becoming a support system for other women while recovering. They help each other in learning skills and mostly lead to a successful drug addiction recovery.

When it comes to the needs of males, the first important factor they have to fight with for taking treatment is male cultural roles and stereotypes. Men are given brought up in a way that teaches them to be strong and when they seek treatment, people judge them as weak people. This is the biggest hurdle faced by the males. They fear being called out weak and resist the treatment need.


They also feel comfortable when they are in separate men’s rehab programs because they all accept each other. In front of women, they will never discuss their weaknesses or open up about their issues. This is why separate therapies and treatment will help them in recovering soon. Men don’t prefer introspection and they like the treatment that teaches about patterns and behavior.

When the treatment will be especially for males, it will only target the physical, psychological and emotional requirements of males. Recently, the increase in male sexual abuse has also shown a rise. This is a very sensitive issue and males need specific treatment therapies to overcome such trauma. It is very tough for men to talk about this issue and they feel difficulty in talking about this fairly and opening up every aspect especially in presence of other female addicted patients. For better treatment, a non-judgmental and friendly environment is required by the males. In this way, both males and females will enjoy a lasting recovery.

Considering the factors, needs, and requirements of the males and females, we all should help them out by giving them a non-judgmental environment to overcome addiction. Understand their needs and help them in recovering.

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