Top 10 Dangerous Bridges In The World

Dangerous Bridges

The human brain is the most powerful element which gives rise to miracles. The man makes the structures and the buildings to ease the life of other humans. The world is modernized at a faster rate with the development of many structures and other man-made towers. The roads, railways, waterways and many other routes of transport are developed gradually for making traveling easier for people.

But do you know some places in the world that still have the old ways of traveling? The bridges provide a beautiful way to connect two places. It is a link between the two mountains and regions. With urbanization, the bridges are created in a unique style but still, there are many dangerous bridges in the world which re risky for traveling. Let’s have a look at Top 10 Dangerous Bridges In The World.

10. Marienbrucke, Germany

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Marienbrucke Bridge is one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. It has beautiful greenery all around. The popular Neuschwanstein castle is located in the nearby region of this bridge. This bridge has a risky path to cross and many tourists come here to have the thrilling experience of walking on the bridge.

The terrain is very steep in walking. Under the bridge, there is a waterfall. The tourists especially cross this bridge to enjoy the scenery of the castle.

9. Ghasa, Nepal

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The other dangerous bridge on the list is Ghasa Bridge which is located in Gus village, Nepal. It is a hanging bridge and underneath there is a waterfall. It is the route for each day’s work and it is crossed by many people and their animals.

There are high valleys with greenery and mesmerizing beauty all around the bridge. The bridge has a narrow space for walking on the other side of the cliff. You will surely sweat when it comes to walking on this bridge.

8. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Northern Pakistan

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If you want to do something spontaneous and adventurous then visit Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan. It is a very dangerous route to pass and the bridge has big gaps that need careful stepping on them to avoid falling down.

This bridge is made from the wood and the construction is also very low-quality material. Day by day, this bridge becomes weak due to the climatic conditions. You have to take the big steps to walk on this bridge due to the large gaps in between the woods.

7. Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, UK

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At number 7, it is Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is situated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is a link between the 2 islands. The length of the bridge is 20 meters. Many visitors come here for enjoying the scenic beauty of the islands.

You can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Scotland form this bridge. There are large caves beneath this bridge and a variety of flora and fauna. Carrickarede Island is formed from the volcanic eruptions which occurred before 60 million years.

6. Aiguille Du Midi, France

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This bridge is France is very risky to cross. It is more dangerous than trekking at a higher mountain peak. This bridge is a link between the mountains of Aiguille du Midi. It is nice to point out where you can enjoy viewing the Mont Blanc mountain peak in Europe.

It is located at a height of 12,500 ft. from the sea level. It is an extremely cold region and you have to carry the winter wear to pass this bridge. The tourists who come here have a horrible feeling to walk on this bridge.

5. Taman Negara National Park Bridge, Malaysia

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In the Taman Negara National Park there comes a dangerous and horrifying bridge namely Taman Negara National Park Bridge. It is located at a height of 40 meters from the ground and the length of this bridge is 530 meters.

The greenery and the amazingly tall trees surround this bridge and you can also enjoy watching flora and fauna. It is a terrifying bridge yet a beautiful experience to walk on it feeling the pleasure of walking with the wonderful landscapes.

4. Thrift Bridge, Switzerland

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If you want to experience the real feel of Switzerland then visit this bridge. It is a long bridge of 170 meters. It is a link between the Alps. Many tourists visit here for enjoying the view of icy glaciers and snow-covered Swiss Alps which surround the place.

It is one of the longest suspension bridges in the Alps. The visitors can take the train to reach this spot. There are cable cars for the enjoyment of the tourists. Thrift Bridge is made up of wood and your heartbeat will be faster by walking on it.

3. Vine Footpaths Aka Bridges, Japan

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Located above the River Iya, Vine Footpaths Aka Bridges is one of the most dangerous pedestrian bridges. It comes in Ivy Valley in Japan. On both the sides of the bridge, there are higher mountains with full greenery and Repovesi Nature Park is situated here.

The space between the two planks of wood is largely due to which the walkers have to take care while walking. It is a narrow bridge and because of that, the pedestrians find it difficult to maintain a balance on it.

2. Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan

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If you are in Japan then you must visit this deadly bridge. It has a narrow pat for walking which makes it tough for the people to balance themselves.

It is a bridge which is used by many people for their daily work. You can enjoy the dense forest scenery around this bridge with the wooden huts on the other side of the bridge.

1. The Monkey Bridge, Vietnam

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The most dangerous walking bridge in the world is the Monkey Bridges situated in Vietnam. This bridge has a thin plank of wood for walking purpose which is a dreadful experience for many tourists who come here.

The river flows under the bridge which makes all the more difficult things to cross this bridge and the handrails have much gap which is a risky portion of the bridge.

Would you like to walk on any of these bridges anytime?

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges In The World

1) The Monkey Bridge, Vietnam

2) Musou Tsuribashi Bridge- Japan

3) Vine Footpaths Aka Bridges, Japan

4) Thrift Bridge, Switzerland

5) Taman Negara National Park Bridge- Malaysia

6) Aiguille Du Midi- France

7) Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge- UK

8) Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Northern Pakistan

9) Ghasa, Nepal

10) Marienbrucke, Germany

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