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Maybe You Need a Narrow Baker’s Rack


Baker’s racks are the perfect addition to any space you want to display items or need storage. They’re especially useful in small spaces, so let’s go over some of the ways you can use a baker’s rack to enhance your day-to-day lifestyle.

If you have a small apartment, studio, or space that suffers from a lack of storage options, a narrow baker’s rack is what you need. They aren’t overbearing and fit perfectly with any existing décor. The right style will not only add character, but its functionality will prove useful in any situation.


The baker’s rack is perfect for displaying framed photos and other personal knick-knacks in a bedroom. You can neatly arrange your souvenirs or collectibles on the shelves and smile every time you walk into the room. A corner rack will free up floor space and allow you to move about the room easily.

The unit can be used as a tv stand as well. In a small bedroom, each inch of floor space matters, and a narrow baker’s rack can assist with leaving you the space needed to move around comfortably.

The higher shelves can hold the tv as you sit in bed and watch your favorite shows. Cable boxes and other streaming devices can be kept on lower shelves. The open design of most baker’s racks provides quality cord management, so you won’t have to worry about seeing or tripping over them.

Many of us are working from home and use our bedrooms as an office. The corner rack also ensures you’ll have room for a desk to use as a work area in a limited space.


They also help with keeping your kid’s room organized. Small children will have a place for their puzzles and other toys they play with when their friends are over. They can keep their cool car and doll collections on display or use the drawers to stow away their building blocks.

Your teens can use the baker’s rack to keep sentimental pictures or gaming accessories. A narrow corner unit can also hold make-up and hair accessories. It’s a great way to keep everything centralized and accessible.


Bathrooms are another space you may not think to use a baker’s rack in, but they are made for these spaces. Place your toiletries, facial cleansers, body scrubs, and more on the shelves. Keep towels nearby so you can easily grab them when stepping out of the shower.

Place your fancy soaps and loofah sponges on display in the guest bathroom or bedroom. Your visitors will not only be pleased with the decorative effort you’ve made, but they’ll also appreciate the convenience of having everything they need visible.

Do you entertain at home often? Then the baker’s rack will come in handy during a number of situations. For instance, if you host game night, keep board games tucked away in a rack in the entertainment room. Cards for poker night, along with the chips, can be kept in the drawers.

Baker’s racks also make great buffets. Place finger foods, drinks, and desserts on the rack for everyone to grab. If the party is outside, a baker’s rack can accompany everyone and provide a space for refreshments. This piece is flexible and accommodating in any circumstance.


Wine baker’s racks can hold everything you need to supply your guests with a good time. You’ll find cubbies for wine bottle storage, racks for stemware, and shelves for shot glasses. The drawers or cabinets can store corkscrew openers, shakers, muddlers, peelers, and other cocktail accessories necessary for a great night. Find a narrow baker’s rack here and let it transform your space.

The baker’s rack can be a space for your book collection in your living room. Keep interesting titles ready for guests to glance at and start a conversation around. House plants and beautiful glass vases with lovely flower arrangements give you a chance to display your green thumb.

A baker’s rack can display your fine china or classy tea sets in the dining room. Line drawers so they can hold silverware and other precious flatware you only use on special occasions.

They also make wonderful coffee bars. Not only will the shelf hold your coffee maker, but you can keep sugar, spoons, and pods in the drawers. Keep your exotic coffee blends handy and mints in the unit to impress guests.

Baker’s racks aren’t only good for the home’s interior, but they also add style and function to the exterior. If you’re a gardener, you’ll find that delicate herbs can thrive in the sunlight and natural watering provided by rainfalls. The same is true of any flowers or plants you may grow.

Roses and ivy are particularly fond of the baker’s rack as it gives them a place to climb and cling as they grow. It also adds character and a personal decorative touch to the rack as the greenery wraps itself around the tall back of the unit.


Seeds, dirt, watering cans, trowels, gloves, pots, and other gardening necessities can be stored in the drawers or lower cabinets. Having your tools close by makes gardening much more convenient and may even encourage you to expand and grow more vegetables or flowers.

Placing them on a porch, patio, deck, or balcony automatically beautifies the space. A wrought iron baker’s rack is able to withstand outside elements. Make sure the unit you choose is made for outdoor use, so it’s not ruined after its first year.

When it comes to choosing a style, the reason you’re using the rack is very important. Racks with open shelves are wonderful for open floor designs. They’ll provide storage without being intrusive and interrupting the flow of the space.

A solid baker’s rack with a closed-back design works for storing bigger items. Many country-styled racks have a closed-back, but the narrowness and sleek design of the unit don’t overwhelm the space. Choose a baker’s rack that works for your home, and you won’t regret it.

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