Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Wear High Heels Anymore

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Fashion is the subject of everyone’s mood and choice. Not all persons have the same style of clothing and accessories. It is the way how a person wishes to appear in the world. Everyone has a different choice and likes when it comes to clothes and shoes. Just like clothes, the choice of your shoes also matters to a large extent. It is another style statement of everyone’s personality. A right selection of shoes will give your feet a classy look wherever you go. The shoes are important features of your persona which cannot just avoid.

The high heels are new trends among young girls and females but you may be surprised to know that they are not fit to be worn as they have many disadvantages which we will discuss in this article. We have listed out Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Wear High Heels Anymore.

10. You Need To Walk Carefully

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If you are fond of wearing high heels everywhere then beware as they result in uncomfortable walking. The high heels will bend your hips and spine which may cause pain in the back with problems in walking. The body gets extra strain on muscles.

The backbone and the hips get more pressure while walking on high heels and so it is recommended even by doctors to wear a flat pair of shoes while going for long-distance routes or journeys.

9. Strain In The Neck

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When you wear high heels, there is a forward head posture that causes pain in your neck. As per the suggestions of medical experts, the upper, as well as lower body, gets imperfect balance when you wear high heels. Get a pair of flat shoes or low heels so that your body can keep a perfect posture while walking. Avoid wearing high heels for the perfect back.

8. Damage To Bone

You must have noticed that walking on a pair of high heels will cause slipping of the feet. It is also proven by the experts that if you walk for long hours on high heels or to long distances then they may fracture in your feet. Your bones may crack if you fall while walking on high heels. The bones get strain by the frequent use of high heels which may cause breaking of them.

So in order to avoid fractures and breaking of bones, avoid wearing high heels and instead of that, use plain or flat-surfaced shoes and sandals which will relieve your feet.

7. Probability Of Getting Injured Increases

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This is one of the biggest reasons for not wearing high heels. You may slip on the rough surface of the ground while walking or running with high heels. They further cause several problems such as pain in the bones and arthritis.

The high heels may break your ankles and bones of the feet which take a longer time to get repaired. If you fall on the ground you may get brain injuries and wounds on different parts of the body such as arms, head or shoulders and so it is always better to avoid high heels.

6. Lower Back Pain Problem

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Your lower spine will get more pressure by wearing high heels regularly. They cause improper body posture and bend the lower spine which ultimately causes pain. The spinal cord may get badly affected by wearing high heels often.

So, it is always advisable to wear shoes and sandals which have 1-inch heels or even lesser than it. The flat shoes will keep your back in an erect posture.

5. Wearing High Heels Reduce Workplace Credibility

This is one of the weirdest reasons for not wearing high heels but seems to be true to some extent. The high heels show femininity and so there can be an inequality in the office where you work especially where there are more men.

The high heels will reduce your importance at the workplace thus creating a divide. It is often recommended for the young ladies to come on flat heels to the office to avoid division of genders.

4. Anatomical Changes

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The high heels affect largely your anatomy. Your back and knees will emerge in a forward direction thus resulting in imperfect posture. They can also shorten your calf muscles and thicken the tendons. By wearing high heels regularly, you may be affected by Spondylolisthesis which is slipping of one vertebra on another which causes extreme pain in the back. The lumbar region of the spine is affected to a large extent by wearing high heels often.

3. Foraminal Stenosis

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The high heels create less space between the foramina. This results further in extreme pain in the back. If you get foraminal stenosis then there are symptoms such as cramping, spasms, muscle weakness, numbness, and many other disorders.

There are also more chances of getting Sciatica in which the sciatic nerve gets pressed and the lower body experiences bad pain. So, it is better to go for a flat or shoes with just medium-sized heels.

2. The Cause Arthritis

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The high heels put a strain on your inner knee which pushes forward the knee. Due to this, females find difficulty in walking or standing. Females get arthritis problems more than men.

Regular use of high heels may cause knee surgery in the future years and so it is better to avoid them. Give your feet a bit of relaxation by a pair of flat shoes.

1. Other Health Problems

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The high heels may result in Haglund’s deformity which is stretching of bone in the back. You may experience painful bursitis. You may get bunions, hammertoes and nerve damage by wearing high heels often. Your back gets bending posture and it looks very dirty. Your hips and legs will get extreme pain by high heels.

So now that you have known the dangers of wearing high heels you may not want to wear them again. Wear show which gives your feet a cool and soothing feel and comfort in both walking and running.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Wear High Heels Anymore

  • 1. Other Health Problems
  • 2. The Cause Arthritis
  • 3. Foraminal Stenosis
  • 4. Anatomical Changes
  • 5. Wearing High Heels Reduce Workplace Credibility
  • 6. Lower Back Pain Problem
  • 7. Probability of Getting Injured Increases
  • 8. Damage to Bone
  • 9. Strain in The Neck
  • 10. You Need to Walk Carefully

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