Top 4 Pros and Cons of Dermaplaning Treatment – 2024 Guide

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Plastic surgery is constantly evolving, and we can see a lot of new and improved methods for helping people to achieve a better look and higher satisfaction about themselves. One of the most popular methods these days is dermaplaning, which is a procedure where you can get hair removal. A lot of women are struggling with various treatments of hair removal, and most of them are only successful as a short-term option. Unlike them, dermaplaning can remove unwanted hair on your skin much more effectively and for a longer period. 

During the process, the doctor is using a scalpel to remove dead skin cells from the top of your cells, which will also remove hair on your face. You can find more information about this procedure if you contact a plastic surgery doctor. Although it is considered to be one of the best methods, many people are not sure how effective it is, and whether there are any side effects. Here are the most important benefits possible downsides of dermaplaning.


1. Getting a Healthier and Younger Skin

During the process, the doctor will remove the thin hair most women struggles with. However, the procedure will also help you to get rid of dead skin cells and provide you to have a prettier and younger-looking face. Also, this method will not cause your hair to grow stronger and darker, like with some other processes like waxing and shaving. You will get much brighter and glowing skin, which is especially good for makeup since it will be much easier for you to apply various products effectively on your face.

2. You Won’t Feel Pain During the Procedure

Even though the doctor is using a scalpel, but he is only making minor movements with it, and you probably won’t know that he even started the process. According to the experience of people who pass through this treatment, dermaplaning feels like someone making light and gentle scratches on your face. Moreover, shaving can create bigger irritation and pain that this method. The main point is that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to dermaplaning.

3. It Can Help with Issues with Skin

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While the main benefit is to remove hair, there are also advantages for your skin when it comes to removing or healing acne, and other similar problems that might occur on the face. This procedure will help you to get rid of acne because you will have a cleaner skin on the face, and reduce the size of pores. Having wider pores are the main reason for various skin issues because they could become a source of fat layers and dirt, which can later cause acne and various skin infections. Moreover, this process can also help you to remove most of the wrinkles.

4. It Cannot Harm Your Skin

Some other products and methods are also effective in removing hair on your face, but they are not worthy of all of the side effects. Unlike these methods, dermaplaning is an entirely safe and natural process that you can perform as many times as you want. There are many benefits from repeating this method from time to time, mostly because it will remove the dead cells, and you will have a fresher look for a longer time.  


1. It is Expensive

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The average price of dermaplaning treatment is around 100 dollars, which many people find too expensive because it is a procedure that should be done at least once a month for best results. Also, other options such as shaving and waxing are way cheaper, with longer-lasting effects.

2. Dermaplaning is Not Permanent

While it has much better results and health benefits than other methods, the main downside of this process is the time required for another procedure. The results will be visible for a long time only if you constantly repeat this method, and many people find that frustrating and expensive. If you find that to be a big problem for you, maybe consider some cheaper and long-lasting alternative.

3. This method is not for Everyone

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While it can have amazing benefits for most people, there are still some types of skin that should avoid dermaplaning. People with highly sensitive skin and cystic acne should skip this method because that might affect much bigger irritation and infection. If you have similar problems, you better contact your dermatologists to find the best solution.

4. Results are not Same for Everyone

There are various types of skin and hair and different cycles of growing. According to that, this treatment’s success will satisfy one person, while others won’t see any improvements. Also, there are women with stronger hair, similar to males, which makes it hard for this procedure to work on them. You should contact the plastic surgeon, and ask him for advice before deciding to perform hair removal on your face.

The Bottom Line

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We can see that there are many cosmetic products on the market that share the primary function, which is to provide women with desired beauty. However, many of them contain chemicals, which could cause many side effects on your skin. If you have highly sensitive skin, waxing and shaving could create irritation or infection in the worst case. Unlike these methods, hair removal with a scalpel is a safe process, and it can have many benefits for the health of your skin as well.

Nevertheless, you should know that this procedure is not successful for every type of skin and that you should avoid it if you have cystic acne. However, if you don’t have any skin problems at all, and going for this procedure at least once a month, dermaplaning is the perfect choice for hair removal on your skin. You will have a more natural look of your skin, which leads to a lesser need for various cosmetic products and makeup. Still, if you want to use some of them, you will see how easier it is to apply them when you have soft and shiny skin.

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