Top 7 Office Chair With Footrest in 2024

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For all those who spend at least as much time at the desk as they do in bed, choosing the right work chair is of paramount importance. For a modern man, the office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture, because 80% of people spend an average of 6-8 hours a day sitting at work. Sitting is not very comfortable all day. And it happens that your legs hurt from sitting for a long time. What to do then? How to find the best office chair with a footrest? Here is a story on how to choose the best office armchairs.

An Office Chair Affects Our Health, Concentration, Efficiency At Work

When choosing an office chair, you should keep in mind that it is not just an ordinary chair, but an object that moves you, that relaxes you, and that allows you both – maximum concentration and the necessary relaxation. First of all, you need to consider the type of work you do – whether you are sitting at a computer, typing, reading, or making a phone call. Physical characteristics (weight and height) and work environment must also be taken into account.

Hours of sitting at the computer and insufficient movement damage our musculoskeletal system. In the last twenty years, musculoskeletal disorders have become the leading occupational diseases in developed countries. Millions of workers currently suffer from back pain, and two-thirds feel that their quality of life suffers because of that condition.

Static Job Requires A Dynamic Chair

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Any prevention is better than cure and therefore great attention should be paid to ergonomics in the workplace. Why? Because it creates good working conditions for people so that they can perform their tasks. Static work requires a dynamic chair that will allow the muscles and vertebrae of the spine to be relieved. Therefore, the work chair must have as many adjustable options as possible, such as adjusting the height, backrest tilt, seat tilt, seat depth, armrest height, lumbar support adjustment, headrest, or footrest. Passive sitting position weakens the postural muscles and increases the pressure on the spinal vertebrae, and the pressure on the nerves has a bad effect on digestion, breathing, and concentration. As a result, muscle tension, pain, inflammation, and loss of mobility occur.

Appropriate Position Settings

A good chair for the office should have many settings and is supposed to allow the user to adjust it to himself, his proportions, needs, and way of working. Choose a chair that allows freedom of movement and allows frequent changes of position. What is necessary to have a good office chair is height adjustment, backrest tilt adjustment, backrest and seat mobility, adjustable height, lumbar support, or armrest for the – but also footrest.

Best Office Chairs With Footrest

In the wide range of office chairs, you can find a wide range of types of different designs and features that can meet all the needs of any work or office environment. These work chairs are characterized by quality parts and materials and high reliability and durability. Here are some that may be of interest to you.

1. ErgoHuman

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Ergohuman is one of the most ergonomic work chairs. It reduces lower back pain, discomfort, and musculoskeletal disorders. It allows you to sit comfortably in it for an extended period – it will increase your productivity. And all this, thanks to the improved design with innovative solutions: Flexible backrest and adjustable seat, but in some models – footrest as well. Those interested in this ergonomic work chair can choose accessories for the standard type of chair – and thus adjust the chair and the price to their needs and budget. Ergonomic chair ErgoHuman is a model that will provide you with superior comfort and increase productivity during work. Its numerous adjustable elements will provide you with maximum working comfort. What makes such a chair the best purchase in its price class- is its strength and durability.

2. Office chair B 322

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Ergonomic work chair/armchair upholstered in black. Strength and durability are given by the metal construction of the seat, as well as the backrest. It has a metal connection between the mechanism and the backrest. This chair has an ergonomically designed seat, back, and lumbar support and headrest. Height adjustment is done with the help of a gas cylinder. This model also has a mechanism for lowering the backrest into a lying position, pulling out the mechanism for resting the legs. You can adjust the inclination in several positions, independently by adjusting the inclination of the seat and backrest. It can withstand loads up to 120kg.

3. WaterJoy Office Chair With Swivel Recliner

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This chair is one of the most popular because it is modernly designed and has extended features such as backrests and footrests. Very elegantly designed it can fit into a variety of interiors. So, it can find its place not only in the study room – but equally in the living room, office, etc. You can adjust the backrest in 3 modes, according to your needs. According to the Ergonomics Health Association, this mobile office chair has additional features, and customers say it is comfortable, easy to install, and justifies the price.

4. Triigger-350 Ergonomic Chair

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The Triigger line SE has over 350 individual components that are carefully assembled to the construction of one of the most amazing, flexible, and ergonomic chairs within the industry. It allows you to sit longer, and do work more intensively with incredible comfort. The chair is created to follow the line and needs of the body, test your limits because there are no limits for this model of chair.

5. Killabee 8257 Gaming Chair

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Killabee 8257 gaming chair with memory foam and attractive design is intended for all people who want an extremely comfortable and multifunctional chair. it is especially good for those who spend a lot of time in a sitting position. This chair is pretty large, which is part of its charm and style. It is specifically designed to take weight up to 182 kg so it’s ideal for tall people. It also has a footrest that will provide maximum possible relaxation for your feet.

6. Yamasoro Office Chair

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This is an office chair designed according to your needs, and its biggest purpose is your comfort. This armchair has a slightly wider and thicker headrest, but also a well-upholstered seat that will relieve pain in your spine and legs and affect better posture. It is designed attractively, but primarily for seating comfort. The support cushions that this armchair has will help reduce any lumbar pain.

7. HomCom Home-Office Chair

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This chair belongs to the category of very popular, which is not surprising considering that it has a lot of features. It has a wide backrest with adjustable armrests and neck. It is lined with memory foam and has a seat that moves in a full circle. Covered with soft leather, it is very comfortable for long-term sitting. It also has a footrest and can withstand extremely large weights up to 264kg. A great choice for all those who like sitting for a long time, as well as for people who suffer from back pain.

Office Armchairs

Office armchairs are mainly used for management positions and are most often made of quality materials that provide exceptional comfort and durability. Features such as lumbar support, high backrest, adjustable height, and increased pillow thickness can make them expensive, but the functionality of these chairs outweighs their costs. Work chairs have a number of settings to fully support the requirements of the modern way of doing business, which usually involves sitting at a desk for several hours with frequent use of the computer. These chairs are designed to allow users to sit dynamically in the workplace.

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