Top 10 Most Forgotten Home Repairs

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When you have a home, the maintenance must be preventive, which means that when you step into it, you should already be thinking about periodically checking each of the sensitive parts, which may be broken or deteriorate and make sure before this happens, that you have done proper maintenance. Prevention should come first.

When any of the parts that make up your house, from the roof to the floor and the appliances or equipment that make it up. However, neglecting these tasks can cause serious problems in the long run. They may be elements that are not as visible as the water heater, the dryer or the roof, but all of them need some level of maintenance. Do not miss this list of tasks and avoid forgetting certain things at home that can cost you a fortune and many headaches.

1. Check stopcocks and water valves

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Close all shut-off valves and water valves once and open them again. Over time, these taps get stuck when not operated. If they are then no longer rotatable, this leads to an expensive repair. This applies both to the taps of the domestic water and to manual heating valves that are in the same position all year round.

2. Check the pressure in the heating circuit

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Check the water pressure in the heating circuit. The pointer should be in the normal range of the manometer. If no range is specified, use 1.5 bar as the minimum value. If the minimum value is undershot, you should top up the heating water, otherwise, the heating will soon switch itself off and neither your domestic water nor the rooms will be warm.

3. Vent the radiators

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This is particularly important at the beginning of autumn: vent the heaters. If you do the ventilation before the heating season, then all rooms will be nice and warm when it gets really cold for the first time.

4. Check the fine screens of the washing machine and dishwasher

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If necessary, clean the fine screens of the washing machine and dishwasher. Especially if you have an older pipe system in the house, small sand-like particles detach from the pipes due to corrosion and close these screens. If the sieves then clog, the household appliances shut down in the best case or overheat due to lack of water in the worst case.

5. Test the smoke detector

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Test your smoke alarm. Check whether all smoke detectors installed in the house still have sufficient battery voltage. How to do this should be stated in the instructions for the devices.

6. Check the accumulators and batteries

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Check the batteries of flashlights and other emergency lights. In the event of a nighttime power failure, you want to see something again immediately and not have to search for the replacement batteries in the dark. So it’s best to check whether these lights still have enough energy.

7. Chimney repairs

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Before putting the fireplace into operation make sure the chimney is clear. In addition, it repairs any fissures or scratches inside the fireplace with refractory cement (withstands high temperatures). To repair or renovate the outer tubes, use thermal paint. But as this can be a very complex and even dangerous task, it is better to leave it to professionals, such as

Mechanical chimney sweep: it is carried out with a chimney sweep and a handle adapted to the height needed to clean the interior of the chimney. Then a special vacuum cleaner can be used to collect the removed debris. It is advisable to cover the chimney mouth with plastics, leaving a hole to introduce the chimney sweep, thus preventing much of the dirt from leaving the room.

Chemical chimney sweep: it is used to remove the tar from inside the tube, thanks to a chemical reaction that occurs when burning them. The fireplace is heated with a load of firewood. Then, the necessary logs or chimney sweeps are introduced according to the use of the chimney. The logs and bags can be for pellets or for firewood and charcoal. Once it is turned off and cold, the ashes that have been generated must be cleaned.

8. Check the roof tiles

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The last thing you need in your home is a problem with the roof. Whether it is a small leak or the collapse of part of the roof inside the house, problems related to roofs can be a really expensive problem. To solve the issues right away. And the best thing in these cases is to inspect the tiles. If you see tiles are missing or damaged, replace them as soon as possible. If you do not see yourself able to assess the state of the tiles, go to a professional. You will save time and money in the long run.

9. Check and maintain window seals

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Check that all window seals are undamaged and soft. With rubber care products you can make older seals supple again and prevent aging. You should replace seals that sag on the lower edge of the window because this makes the windows difficult to close and the sealing effect is no longer guaranteed.

10. Keep the air conditioner clean

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Most people tend to forget about the air conditioner when the summer is over. Then the heat starts again and suddenly without warning the air conditioning breaks. And this breakdown is surely due to a problem with the filter. If the unit’s filters are not clean, dirt can accumulate and thus cause a malfunction. In case you have an external device, it is important that you check that there are no herbs or plants growing in the outlets. Without a doubt, the most important thing is to regularly replace the filters. Don’t wait to take action until it breaks in the heatwave. Also, call the professionals to check the level of freon.


As these are the most common tasks in the house that are forgotten, and they are very important, now that you have read all this, start solving potential problems in your home immediately.

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