Top 9 Money Saving Tips for New Homeowners in 2024

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When we move into a house, we take the big step forward, especially if it is our first home or if we do it hand in hand with our partner and start a new life together.

Mark from tells us that immediately the expenses begin and soon we realize that we cannot acquire all those objects and elements that we want, desire, and even need to complete our new home and sadly we concluded that it is impossible to acquire everything that we want with our salary, and even with two salaries.

But don’t let that discourage you. It’s nice when the process of arranging the house takes time, and not when everything is done at once. This is especially so when you hire professionals like visionary lofts who will cater to your needs. That is why today we will present you with ideas on how to arrange a nice space with a smaller budget, as well as some tips that will reduce your monthly costs in the long run.

Redecorate the house without making large investments of money

Here are some tips that we have collected so that you can redecorate your home to make it the house of your dreams, some tricks that will allow you to achieve it without making large financial investments.

1. Paintings

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We start with the paintings, a house without pictures will remain soulless, without windows that move us to abstraction. The paintings are very colorful elements that give a touch of personality, joy and distinction to the walls that were previously bare.

Fortunately, today, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money to have a nice piece of work on your wall. You just have to go through a local flea market or street, where hopefully we can find great ones at very cheap prices. If, in addition to money, we want to save time, then we can do our search online.

Although if what we are looking for is a touch of originality, then turn to family and friends, since we all have a cousin or a friend who is fond of painting who has once given us a painting or, at least, offered it to us. This detail that will give a special and very personal unique touch to your home will also fill the author with pride.

2. Curtains

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Curtains are one of those elements that are really expensive, in fact, this has led many people to not buy them, but if you want to have them, you do not have to give up this desire, because you can make them yourself. You just have to buy the fabric that is your preference, the thread and the necessary elements to place them; the bar with the stops, the rings, the screws, the rings and follow a tutorial on the internet.

And again we can ask friends and family, surely you have more than one acquaintance or relative who is happy to help you with your new house and its decoration.

3. Vinyl

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Another really economical and highly decorative trend is to brighten the walls using vinyl. If you do not like the paintings, or you cannot find those that match the style of your home, you can always turn to large or colorful types of vinyl to decorate the walls of your home. The main advantage that has made them so popular today is that they are very spectacular and fully customizable, of a wide variety of types, designs and sizes, you just have to find the one you want to complete your home, guaranteeing a magical depth in the whole room.

4. Other decorative elements

Finally, there are decorative elements you can buy, which we recommend not to use to much.

Instead, you can take advantage to decorate with elements made by yourself or personal memories that really mean something about you and make the home more and more yours, such as photos of your trips or souvenirs that you have been collecting from different places.

And now that we have helped you with the decoration, let’s deal with very important details … and that is how to make your home more energy-efficient in the long run.

5. Lawn

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Landscaping is usually very expensive and most new homeowners leave it for some period other than immediately after moving in. But so that your yard does not look like a desert, a good choice is to arrange the lawn. If you are not a gardening expert, this can be a very complicated process, so we recommend that you hire professionals for this, such as aviewturf, who will prepare the ground for you and install the turf within just a few days.

6. Don’t compromise on heating and insulation

Thermal energy is most efficiently used when it ensures well-heated rooms with as little loss as possible. It is therefore advisable to shield the outer skin of the building against energy loss when renovating existing ones. Facade insulation, insulation of the top floor as well as basement and roof insulation are the means of choice here to save a lot of energy and costs. With a modern heat pump or pellet heating, additional savings potential can be achieved in a well-insulated home.

7. Use the sun as an energy source with a solar system

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Photovoltaics is a great choice of technology. There are many reasons for this: More and more homeowners are realizing that it is attractive to produce green electricity on their own roof. This enables you to secure your own energy supply from renewable energies, while excess electricity is fed into the grid and remunerated. In addition, a high-quality solar system increases the value of the property in the long term – several good reasons to start using solar power.

8. Install a suitable energy storage system

Anyone who has a solar system should definitely rely on high-performance storage. The principle: while the sun is shining, the electricity generated is stored so that it can efficiently cover the main household needs. This enables enormous self-consumption of solar power – even in the evening. Modern energy stores contain high-voltage batteries with at least 200 volts and are based on lithium-ion technology. Corresponding systems should have a high degree of efficiency.

9. Ensure efficient and intelligent light management

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A considerable part of the energy consumption of houses is due to outdated lighting. The potential savings that can be made, for example, through intelligent solutions based on LED technology are correspondingly large. Because in addition to extremely low energy consumption in relation to the brightness achieved, LED lights are characterized by their long service life. The semiconductor-based lamps are also suitable for integration into the smart home; there they can be integrated into the home network, programmed or even remotely controlled via the Internet.


With all these tips, moving in will become fun for you, not annoyance because of the budget. Enjoy the process, because it is one of the happiest events in life.

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