7 Reasons Why Matcha Is Healthier Than Regular Coffee


If there is one compound that everyone is familiar with, it is caffeine. About 62% of the demographic sustains coffee daily, with the average consumption being three to four cups daily. If you are a coffee aficionado, you probably understand where the hype comes from. While coffee makes you full of life and energetic, it also has antioxidants like polyphenols. It has historically fought Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression and positively impacts your liver’s health. However, coffee is also backed by triggering insomnia due to high caffeine concentrations and can also pose multiple risks.

If you were exploring other choices and chanced upon matcha, you are in the right place. Switching to this tea has a beneficial edge over coffee in terms of costs and health. In this article, you will learn how you can benefit from it in 7 ways:

Lesser And More Effective Caffeine


Caffeine is both a deadly weapon and a curative potion based on how it is consumed, and you are in for disappointment if you thought that coffee’s caffeine is a perfectly healthy amount. The exorbitant amount of intoxication it gives you harms both the mind and the body, inducing fatigue in every cell. While you feel a high spike through the roof, it can crash land in dreadful ways. This is because it increases the adrenaline, glucose, and insulin amounts to levels that can stimulate nervousness, anxiety, and jitters.

The good news is that matcha’s caffeine is perfectly adequate to reap the benefits while remaining undercover. It creates a calm and smoothened transition to alertness with just a sixth of coffee’s caffeinated content. Match consists of about 25 mg of caffeine, while coffee has a minimum of 150 mg.

Anti-Cortisol Properties

Matcha has a gentle effect on the body due to its phytonutrients like L-theanine. This compound enables the body to absorb it slowly and steadily. Moreover, it is long-lasting- it stays for a good six to eight hours until work is done.

It also turns out that match is an anti-cortisol, a chemical property that regulates sugar levels, reduces mental tension, and stabilizes hormones. L-theanine also creates alpha waves that smoothly create alertness. On the other hand, coffee creates a cortisol hike that may not be right for older adults.

Good Breath


On the topic of internal health, people often forget about their oral hygiene. Coffee’s oral impact is so harmful that you can forget it altogether. Matcha, on the other hand, is exceptionally teeth-friendly than other caffeinated alternatives like black tea or black coffee. The green tea content in matcha destroys harmful bacteria that are responsible for causing plaque. It is no exaggeration to say that dentists love matcha.

This property can be attributed to the high doses of catechin, a stabilizer, and neutralizing agent. It has a plethora of antibacterial impacts on the mouth. It prevents plaque, cavities, and periodontal impacts. It slows the growth of microbes that cause bad breath, also known as halitosis.

Skin Benefits


You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on skincare with matcha as your ally. Green tea is a popular ingredient in multiple skincare brands for oily skin, rashes, and acne scars. However, you will need to drink it to leverage its benefits completely. Coffee is less a skin benefactor and more a skin-damaging agent. High levels of coffee can cause stress in the body, creating dull skin and acne.

Studies have shown that matcha tea has excellent skin benefits like eradicating free radicals, skin cancer prevention, and anti-aging properties. It also decreases skin redness by acting as a barrier against UV. It can also create elastic, soft, and clear skin with a smooth texture.

Higher Levels Of Antioxidants

The levels of valuable antioxidants in matcha are astronomical. With a high content of flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenols, you are assured of a peak and potent antioxidant impact on your body. These phenolic compounds stabilize sugar levels and maintain optimal weights. Matcha reaps all the benefits of a vegan and plant-based diet. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent cell damage and oxidation. Including green tea in your diet will prevent long-term diseases like cardiovascular issues, cancer, dementia, diabetes, and more.

Easy To Make And Easy To Buy

A common misconception that matcha has been exposed to is the challenge of making it daily. However, it does not deserve this reputation. Matcha is straightforward to make, and once it becomes a habit, you can automate your brain. Put some matcha powder into a teacup, add hot water to your liking, and mix- that is all there is to it. It also takes less effort than preparing coffee each morning. Top-notch coffee making requires an encyclopedia of jargon, expensive machinery, and complicated processes.

Moreover, you will not require any significant changes in the budget while transitioning. Reliable wholesale matcha outlets provide top-notch quality Japanese matcha for an affordable price.


Coffee and matcha have fewer calories than most beverages, but comparatively speaking, you know which is healthier. Calories are not the all-potent measurement for health, for when utilized in unhealthy ways, one can be unhealthier with low calories. The nutrient calculation of caffeine content also depends on the amount of powder put in the cup. You can also account for the different forms of coffee and matcha powder, the varied degree of freshness, the temperature of the water, and other essential factors. While both taste bitter, matcha tastes the closest to earth with its green-scented aroma.

Given below is a table that summarizes the nutrient value:

Basis Coffee Matcha
Calories 2 g 5 g
Carbohydrates 0 g 1 g
Fibre 0 g 0 g
Proteins 0.3 g 1 g
Fat 0.5 g 0 g
Caffeine 95 mg / 8 oz 19-44 mg / g
Antioxidants 400-600 mg / cup 200-550 mg / cup


As you have read, transitioning from coffee to matcha is worth it. Although such a drastic transition may be unhealthy to the mind, you are in for multiple benefits if you do it with patience and kindness. Switch gradually and hydrate yourself often. You can enjoy the matcha differently, depending on the brewing and finishing of the tea. Always use ethically sourced powders and high-quality tea powder from the right supplier. There are multiple drink combinations that you can try, like cold brew matcha, matcha latte, and others that can bring exciting health benefits to your disposal.

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