How to Send Mass Messages to Instagram Followers

If you want to make a mass mailing of messages to followers in private messages direct Instagram, here are the services you can use to do it.

Mass mailing to Instagram direct for followers

According to the theory of 7 touches, the client needs to be reminded about himself seven times through different communication channels before he performs a targeted action (buys a product, subscribes to an account, reacts to an offer). One of those touches is the Direct mailing.

To do a mass Instagram post, you’ll need subscribers. There are some at And if you can also get likes and views. There are a lot of them on the service, too. Especially for Telegram, YouTube and Tik Tok there are many services to help pump up channels and accounts.

In 2022, direct mail is still relevant, and the ban on advertising on Instagram has made this way of promotion even more popular. If you know how to do it, mailing will help to increase company’s profit, attract new subscribers and become an additional channel of communication. Unlike storis and posts, the message is almost impossible to miss and personalized offers for a specific audience can be sent through them.

Why you need a mass mailing


A mass mailing allows you to instantly get the right information to people.

Messages can be sent out to:

  • New subscribers;
  • Target audiences;
  • Customers;
  • Competitor audiences;
  • Subscribers who are no longer responding to the content;
  • A select circle of users.

The goals of the mailing list can be quite different:

Promoting products or services. Through a mailing list, you can tell a large audience about your products. This is much easier and faster than through advertising. Personalized offers get a good response. They can be sent to birthday boys, on holidays like March 8, or a select circle of customers.

Welcoming new subscribers. Some services automatically send a message to users who have signed up for an account. A greeting helps to establish contact with the audience right away, this is important for further communication. After a personal message, the person will be more inclined to you.

Newsletter. You can tell about the latest news, promotions, special offers, opening of new offline outlets or accounts in other social networks. The newsletter is suitable for instant notification of the most important events.

Attracting new customers and subscribers. If you have something to offer, you have an interesting page – a mass mailing will help to tell a new audience about it. You can spar with your competitors’ audience, or find your audience in accounts of interest.

Invitation. Hosting an event? Send out a personal invitation to your audience. People are more likely to respond to private rather than public invitations.

If you send mass direct messages, you can promote your products, communicate a certain theme, etc. When you present your business in a post or story, it can get lost among a lot of posts and stories. But by sending a direct message, you can pique a user’s curiosity and increase the likelihood of viewing your content. When you send a private (direct message), the user will open the post and read the text even out of curiosity.

There is no official Instagram mailing list, it can be done manually or through third-party services.

Services for direct mailing to Instagram subscribers



Leadfeed marketing platform gives you the opportunity to work with comments and direct. Thanks to the user-friendly and clear navigation, you will be able to run a mailing list to everyone who has sent you messages. This is the most effective and safest mailing option. The message will definitely not go to inquiries and will not be perceived as spam.

How to set up a newsletter:

  1. Log in to the service, connect your Instagram account;
  2. In the menu of your personal account, select “Newsletter”;
  3. Select to whom you want to send messages, using the filter;
  4. Add the text of the message + add a link to the publication, if desired;
  5. Press “Run”.

A huge advantage of the service: here you can open the correspondence to the directing manager and SMM specialist. In this case, the employee does not need to give the password from Instagram, the service will hide it securely.


  • All correspondence is saved in a private office;
  • The ability to allow the manager access to Direct;
  • The service pauses between messages to avoid the block.


  • Not suitable for mailing to competitors’ audiences;
  • No welcome messages.


Bridgit cloud service works on all devices: PCs, smartphones, tablets.

How to set up a newsletter:

  1. Once you’ve registered and are in your personal account, open the “Direct/Promotional Mailing” page;
  2. Select the method of sending;
  3. Write the text for the newsletter (if you want, add a photo to the text, for example, a discount coupon, instructions, photo of the product);
  4. Choose how you want to send the newsletter;
  5. Click the “Start Newsletter” button.

Bridgit has a text unilizer. With it, each new text will be slightly different from the previous one, and the social network will not consider the newsletter as spam. To create different variations of messages, you need to add brackets {} in the original text and add similar phrases through the divider |. For example: good afternoon; hello.


  • There is technical support;
  • Built-in text unilizer;
  • Search for audiences to send out by hashtags and geolocation;
  • Pause between sending messages, for a secure mailing.


No integration with CRM.

Zeus mailer

Zeus differs from its competitors in that it helps send out messages to any user. Signing up for an account and having a dialog with the user is not necessary.

How to set up a mailing list:

  1. From the work menu, select “Newsletter.”
  2. Click “Add Newsletter”;
  3. Set a name for the newsletter and save it. The newsletter will then appear at the bottom of the Newsletter menu (search for it by name);
  4. Click on the desired newsletter and configure the target audience settings: search by tag, geolocation, competitor activity, your subscribers;
  5. In the settings, add the text of the message;
  6. Click the “two arrows” button at the bottom and the service will automatically make several similar messages;
  7. Use the audience filter if necessary;
  8. Click “Run.”


  • Free test period;
  • Cold mailing to an active competitor audience;
  • Notifies of new messages;
  • Cloud-based service; Can be operated from different devices.


  • The job may run with a delay;
  • Sometimes the free trial period ends after two days.



Boss.Direct is a mailing and chatbot creation service with a simple and clear interface.

How to set up a newsletter:

  1. Select “Newsletters.”
  2. In the upper right corner, find the “Add” button and click on it;
  3. Specify a name for the newsletter;
  4. Write the text of the message, you can specify different phrases in brackets, separating them with the sign “|”, for example: {Hello | Good afternoon};
  5. Select who to send the mailing to and start the task.

You can only send messages to users who have previously responded to your messages or who wrote to you first. You can sort them into groups, such as: loyal customers; haven’t made a purchase yet.


  • Sort your audience into different groups;
  • Auto-response to account mentions;
  • Secure mailing in response to a user’s incoming message.


  • No competitor mailing;
  • Can’t add a link to the newsletter text.


Zengram is a service for promoting Instagram accounts. Here you can set up massliking and massfollowing, and one function is available for mass mailing – welcome messages. You can set up your filter, and the service will not send a message to all subscribers to the account, but only to those who meet specific parameters, for example, only women.

To set up a mailing list:

  1. Go to your personal account;
  2. Select the “Autodirect” section;
  3. If necessary, set up a filter for sending greetings, or select “Send to all new people”;
  4. Enter a message to send (you can specify up to 20 different messages and they will be sent in random order);
  5. Start the task.

At least one of the account promotion options must be enabled for the welcome messages on instagram to work: subscriptions, comments, likes or unsubscribes.


  • Safe mailing list;
  • Test period for only 1 ruble;
  • Automatic sending of a welcome message to new subscribers.


  • High rate plan with little features;
  • You can’t set up a mailing list for old subscribers, competitors’ audience and your list.



Instaplus is a service to promote Instagram. You can set up a mass mailing here not only by subscribers, but also by your own list. For example, you can spar your competitors’ audience, or gather an active audience from your own account.

How to set up a mailing list:

  1. Go to your personal account;
  2. Open “My Lists” → “Message Direct” → “Create a list”;
  3. Write several message options and save the list;
  4. Click on the “Create a task” button;
  5. Select the account from which you want to run the newsletter (if more than one is connected);
  6. Select Direct;
  7. After that, select the source: “user” if you want to send a message to subscribers (your own or others), “user list” if you have a sparsen list;
  8. Specify the list of messages, specify the message limit and the number of people you want to send it to;
  9. Run the task.

You can create several different lists for different purposes: greeting, promotional offer. It will be more convenient to work with ready lists in the future. Create 10-15 message variations in each list.


  • Free test period;
  • You can work with 5 accounts at a time;
  • Mailing to any list of users;
  • Ability to save message lists.


  • Tasks are delayed;
  • No internal auto-limits for secure mailing.


Sendpulse mailing is possible via a chatbot. It is only possible to send messages to subscribers.

Subscribers are considered by the bot to be those who have interacted with the account:

  • Wrote to Direct;
  • Signed up through the widget;
  • Clicked on an ad;
  • Mentioned you in a story;
  • Submitted a live comment;
  • Clicked on a chatbot link;
  • Left a comment under a publication.

How to set up a newsletter:

  1. Open your personal account;
  2. Select the connected bot;
  3. Select the audience interacting with this bot, segment them;
  4. Write the text for the newsletter (add additional elements if necessary, such as a picture);
  5. Set the sending time;
  6. Run the newsletter.

If you have trouble setting up the newsletter, write to the support service.


  • Prompt support service;
  • There is a free version;
  • Integration with CRM is available.


  • Difficult to figure out how to set up a newsletter;
  • No welcome messages.

How to avoid being banned from Instagram feeds (+ limits)


The biggest risk with mass mailings is blocking specific actions or the entire account. The social network is actively working to limit spam.

Don’t post repetitive comments or content, don’t make multiple commercial offers to people who haven’t agreed to it.


Commercial offers are not automatically considered spam. But if you send the same message to a large number of users and it will be complained about – you may be banned.

You should NOT send messages if you offer:

  • Purchase of firearms;
  • Alcohol and tobacco products;
  • Medications.

The social network prohibits advertising these products, so the page will be blocked sooner or later. But this does not mean that, for example, a chain of liquor stores should not engage in mailing. If you tell not about the products, but about the opening of new outlets, discounts (without showing photos of products), you are in a safe zone.

When sending out newsletters it is worth adhering to the limits:

  • For new accounts (created less than 6 months ago), 5 per hour, 30 per day.
  • For old accounts (created more than 6 months ago) – 8 per hour, 60 per day.
  • All limits apply to correspondence with users with whom you haven’t exchanged messages before. If you have been communicating with such a user in Direkt, you may send him unlimited messages.

A few more recommendations for secure messaging:

  • Diversify your messages, personalize them;
  • Do not send more than 5 of the same messages;
  • Take a break of at least 5-10 seconds between sending messages.

Tips and tricks for Instagram direct mailing


There are many features in Instagram that will allow you to do a quick manual mailing:

  • Chat on the facebook business page. If your Instagram account is linked to a facebook page, you’ll have the ability to manage direct in the PC version. It can be accessed by a direct marketer. He will not see the feed, will not be able to publish posts, will not have access to the account, and will only engage in correspondence. In addition, it is much more convenient to work in the PC version of direct.
  • Autoresponder. He will send a pre-prepared text in response to incoming messages, at a time when you’re not online. This will allow you not to lose the client, to give him instant feedback and let him know when he can get an answer to his question.
  • Additional Information. This tool helps you generate customer cards. You will be able to enter in them information about the city, area of residence of the client, his date of birth. In the future, you won’t have to waste time opening a dialog and searching for this information, everything will already be in the cards. This will help you quickly send out a mailing for specific categories, such as a special offer for those born in July.
  • Group chats. You can create a group chat in Instagram and invite up to 32 participants. This is a great way to reach a large audience at once.

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