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Dos And Don’ts Of Hiring Freelancers For Your Projects


Running a business in the 21st century is a lot different than what it was earlier. The first two decades of the new century have brought about tons of new technologies and solutions for companies, both big and small, which have completely changed the way workplaces operate.

The way employees behave and complete their tasks is also brand new as certain workers do not even have to be at the office in order to be productive. Working from home, or for that matter, anywhere else has become the new go-to way, especially for jobs that imply the use of computer technologies.

When a personal computer and internet access are the only two things you need in order to work, you are not really tied to a certain space. This approach, when combined with individuality and the wish to be self-employed have given birth to a new type of worker, the freelancer.

While freelancing has been prominent for decades, even before information and computer technologies changing everything, it is only now in its golden age. A lot of people, especially college students and young adults are willing to rent out their skills and expertise to anyone willing to employ them and pay them a fair wage. It matters not who they work for as long as they do what they know and like and get enough money for it in return.

In this article we will talk more about the phenomenon that is freelancing. Actually, we are going to dive a bit deeper into the subject matter and mention the most important dos and don’ts of hiring a freelancer for your important projects.

You expect nothing but the best from the workers you employ, who are on a regular, full-time payroll. So why should hiring a freelancer be any different? Read on to find out more about this as it will help you to always hire the right person for the job.

The Dos

It is always good to start on the positive side of things, which is why we will first be mentioning the things you should absolutely always do.

1. Use the right platform


Finding remote workers is not really as easy as people expect it to be. It is an overlooked problem because it is the internet after all and it can give us anything at any time. However, the reality of it is not really as straightforward.

There are certain platforms and services that deal with freelancing where remote professionals come to look for jobs. These are also the best choices you have for finding the freelancers and offering your projects.

Platforms specialize in connecting workers with employees by giving them all the information and tools to complete the job. If you want to check out a great platform that has all you need, make sure to visit IThire.

2. Let your employees know


A common mistake business owners make when hiring freelancers is not telling their full-time workers about it. Then the person starts doing their job and all of a sudden the in-house teams are lost.

They have no idea that there is a remote pro working on their part and the project suffers. If every project is to be completed optimally, everyone involved in it should know about it. Let it be known in the workplace that you are hiring freelancers.

Who knows, maybe someone knows a top-level freelancer perfect for this job. They can recommend them and you will not have to spend a long time looking for the right person.

3. Make things clear and complete


When you are writing a proposal for the freelancers to evaluate as a potential project to work on, you must make sure it is clear and complete. There should be all of the crucial information there, from where and how to contact you, what you send except their CV, what qualifications you are looking for, and what the deadlines are.

You could also write the preferred software you want them to use, and even write the salary for the job upfront. Remember that freelancers literally have thousands of potential jobs out there, so yours really has to attract their attention right from the start. Otherwise, they will simply keep scrolling until they come across something better.

The Don’ts

Now that you know about what needs to be done, let us focus on things you should avoid doing with freelancing projects.

4. Offer low pay


Remember how we said that freelancers choose what project to pick up and what to skip? Well, they will surely skip those that offer unfair wages. If you want a true pro who will meet the deadline and ace the whole project that will help your entire operation, why not pay them as much as they deserve?

This approach will not only allow you to have great results, but help your reputation. Maybe you build a long-lasting relationship with the freelancer in question. Never be stingy with freelance work or you will only be able to attract freelancers who are still beginners and whose work is not on a level you need.

5. Remain involved


CEOs, managers, and business owners tend to make the mistake of not remaining involved in certain processes in their workplace. Then, when they are over and when there is no going back, they are surprised, shocked, or otherwise stunned with the end result.

This can easily be avoided by remaining involved throughout the whole thing and ask for feedback on a regular basis. Having deadlines is necessary, but so is the information flow along the way. Let it be known that you want your freelancers to get back to you whenever they complete something major. Otherwise you will not be happy in the end.

6. Listening and being open-minded


Last but not least, you should remember to be ready to cooperate with the freelancer and listen to their suggestions. They are the ones who specialize in the type of projects you need help with, so why not listen to what they have to say?

By now, they have probably completed numerous similar projects and they have more experience than you. If they know a way to make it better, or for it to make more sense, give it a shot. You will surely not regret it. If you do not like what they have to say, you can still proceed with the original plan.


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