9 Tips on How to Charge the Battery in your heated vest

Many people have a hard time coping with the transition periods and winter, where cold temperatures often prevent them from going outside. As a solution for cold-prone people, skiers, motorcyclists and cyclists, a vest with heaters appeared, which attracted a lot of attention from potential buyers. This vest is extremely water and wind resistant, providing comfort and durability in harsh environments. It looks like regular clothes which means you will be able to wear it for any occasion. Thanks to the carefully planned design, it will be very comfortable for you to wear. We have to mention that you have maximum freedom of movement.

With it, you get an optimally adapted shape and resistant material, and it is best to buy a size larger than the one you wear. What makes this vest special is the battery it runs on, so you have to handle it with care. On the Internet, questions are often asked about the maintenance of the vest itself. For more helpful tips, keep reading.

Charge the battery properly

Due to the powerful heating zones that are installed and arranged to warm the entire torso and neck, you will no longer feel the cold even at the lowest temperatures. However, you will have to keep an eye on its performance to make it useful for a long time. The most important element is the battery. So your goal is to maintain her lifespan. The first rule is to always make sure it’s charged before you put on your jacket and head outside.

It is recommended to do it during the night, because it is best to charge for a longer period of time. Depending on the type of battery, you can charge it in an hour or a little more. Charging is simple and works like any other device. You just need to connect it to the adapter and plug it into the socket.

The shelf life depends on the way of use

The power level you use has the biggest impact on battery life. There are low, medium and high level heaters. For example, if you constantly use a high level you will shorten the life of the heater by about three times.

Protect the battery

It’s time to say something about the safe use of vests. You need to adopt safety tips to protect yourself. This means you won’t expose the battery to water or try to charge it if it’s damaged. This behavior poses a great risk of fire and serious injury. The conditions in which you store the battery are also important. The temperature must not be higher than 80 degrees.

Consider factors that affect battery life

According to the DoaceWear famous for their Cotton Heated Vest, device with a lithium-ion battery should not be left completely empty. You will significantly extend the life of the battery, if you often put the device on the charger. When it is fully charged, turn off the charger, because this factor will affect the life of the battery. Experts recommend once every 3 months, fully discharge and charge the battery. Using a non-original or low-quality charger, can inadequately affect the life of the battery. High temperature negatively affects the life of the battery. Protect the device from overheating.

Adjust the temperature

One of the best features of this device is that you can adjust the heat level. That way, you will be equally comfortable in every situation. You can choose from several different modes. For example, if you would like to be warm during the period of the year when the temperature is below zero, opt for high mode. The medium mode will suit you on days when it is slightly below 15 degrees Celsius. For other occasions, select low mode.

Wash/dry the vest

In this case, you can use a regular washing machine, but before that you have to prepare a piece of clothing. Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated. All you need to do is remove the battery from the vest to get the job done. However, pay attention to the type of fabric because different rules apply to each type.

Remove stains before washing

If your clothes have stains on them, you need to remove them before putting the vest in the machine. Use a small amount of dishwashing soap and treat the area where the stain is. Then, rub your finger into the fabric and let it sit for a while. After less than 15 minutes, gently wipe the stained area with a dry cloth.

Wash the vest in the washing machine

After you have removed the battery and removed the stain, you need to know how to machine wash a vest. You must not mix it with the rest of your clothes. It’s also important to turn it inside out and fasten it so the metal parts don’t get stuck. The choice of detergent depends on the type of fabric, but there are soaps that are made specifically for these clothes.

Dry the vest completely

It is very important that the vest is completely dry before putting the battery back into it. However, you must not use a high temperature when drying. Otherwise, you will cause damage. Instead, use the well-known ball trick. Put the clothes in the dryer and put some tennis balls in first and we’re sure you’ll get your vest back in shape. You also need to stop the drying cycle from time to time and check if everything is okay with the material.

The safest option is to heat this item of clothing in the air. Try to adapt the drying time to the weather forecast. A sunny day with little wind is the ideal time for it. Place the towel on a sunny surface and break up the lumps in the fabric. Turn the vest at least a few times during drying so that all parts dry evenly. Avoid leaving the vest in strong sunlight for long periods of time.


To be 100% sure, always read the instructions before use. This especially applies to the safety instructions section and keep it safe. Inspect it carefully before each use and if you notice any kind of damage, stop using it. However, if you maintain it properly, you won’t have any major problems. We hope we helped you with that part.

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