6 Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas To Try in 2024


Upon hearing the words “remodeling” and “property renovation,” most people think of a long project which will not only cost a lot of money but also disturb their everyday life. We are not even going to mention the mess, dust, and dozens of people roaming through the house and garden.

Yes, this is true if you want to change your property’s design and layout completely, but there are also numerous projects that are cheap, and most importantly, that won’t require a lot of effort. If you have some time on your hands, now might be the perfect opportunity to redecorate your backyard, so we have come up with some ideas.

1. Start with the deck


First things first, you have to begin this project by remodeling the deck in your garden. It doesn’t matter if it just needs a thorough cleaning, refurbishing, or you want to make some drastic changes, and build it from the start. After all, the chances are that you will be spending a lot of time there, so not only does it have to be comfortable, but also functional. Surely you want to invite some friends and family members to spend quality time together.

According to depending on the current state of the deck, you have multiple options. Maybe it just needs a fresh coat of paint, or on the other hand, some major repairs are in order. If the latter one is true, then you will probably need professional help. If you aren’t sure what could be done to it, you should start online research. While on that, start looking for experts who can transform it. What’s more, don’t forget to inquire about the price, and on, you can even get a free quote.

2. Furniture is next


Once you have decided what kind of changes the deck needs, it is time to think about the patio furniture. The tricky thing about this is that outdoor furnishing can be quite costly. Well, since we want you to spend as little money as possible, our advice is to turn to old pieces that have been collecting dust in your attic.

Naturally, this is another project that will require some of your time. Depending on the state of pieces and their design, you can paint them and purchase new cushions. Our advice is to go with something colorful, obviously, if that is to your preference. Remember that this is will go to your garden, which will be filled with breath-taking flowers and plants, and multiple other details. Is there anything better than being surrounded by colors in the warm summer morning? We don’t think so either.

3. Flower beds


This brings us to our next point – plants. If you have a green thumb and enjoy working with your hands, then we really cannot say that this is a project, but instead, a great chance to relax and create some beautiful on the way. On the other note, if this task doesn’t seem appealing to you, you can always purchase every plant you want.

However, there is something that you can do – make DIY planters. Your options are endless when it comes to these because there is not a single object that you can’t use. We are talking old vases and boxes, jars, even cans, birdcages, and a tree stump, literally anything you have.

Furthermore, if you believe that you don’t have enough space to display all your beautiful flowers, you can always make hanging planters. Not only are these more appealing, but they also provide you with the opportunity to showcase the plants and place, or hang them in this case, wherever you want – on the patio, fence, even trees.

4. Create a potting bench


Once again, we are going back to green thumb people, and let’s be honest, they all need a potting station, without exception. First of all, this bench is super easy to make because there are numerous guides online that you can follow down to the last step. Secondly, since you will be designing it, you can make sure that it perfectly matches your backyard regarding the style and color. Finally, it will allow you to work on your small project outside, instead of your garage. Just make sure to place it somewhere where it will be protected from the rain and snow.

5. Light up the place


The next item of our list is lighting. Naturally, you don’t want to install something too bright, but you can look up for different pieces online. We are talking about fairy light and lanterns that will take the décor to a whole new level.

One of the most significant benefits of these is that you can place them anywhere you want, meaning that you will have a chance to choose which parts of your garden you want to illuminate. Obviously, our suggestion is to place some of them on the patio, around the furniture, and table where you will host your gatherings.

In addition, you can also put up lanterns on the trees and bushes, all around the garden, to create that magical atmosphere.

6. Build a fire pit


If you have googled some ideas for a garden makeover, surely you have come across the tip that advises you to make a centerpiece of the backyard. So, why not build a fire pit? Yes, we know, this might seem like too much work and money, but the reality is that you will need some inexpensive material such as gravel and pavers.

One more thing, this is a project that can be completed over the weekend, and you can also include some family members and friends and make a gathering out of it. After all, you will all enjoy it together. Fire pits aren’t only functional, but they also enable you to create entirely new surroundings. You can go camping with your kids in the backyard, make S’mores, tell scary stories, and just spend time bonding together. It is a perfect opportunity to create memories they will cherish forever.

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