Russian and Syrian air forces launched strikes against ISIS, inflicting substantial casualties

Syria_Syrian Air Force_(archives)_2017

nsnbc : Both Russian and Syrian air forces launched a series of air strikes against ISIS positions and convoys in Syria, including Damascus, Deir Ez-Zor, Raqqa, Hama and Homs provinces. The Russian Defense Ministry, on Monday, said Russian Aerospace Forces killed more than 200 ISIS terrorists and destroyed a convoy consisting of scores of cars and More...

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By nsnbc On Monday, August 21st, 2017

Lebanese army engages ISIS at Lebanese – Syrian border

nsnbc : Units of the Lebanese National Army launched new attacks against ISIS positions on the country’s border with Syria on Sunday, after capturing a third of the territory held by militants in the area. On More...

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the commander-in-chief of the Iraqi armed forces, announces the launch of Tal Afar operation to drive ISIS out on August 20, 2017. Photo: PM media office
By nsnbc On Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Iraqi PM al-Abadi announces operation to liberate Turkmen city of Tal Afar from ISIS

nsnbc : In the early hours of Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the start of operations by security forces to take the predominantly Turkmen city of Tal Afar from the Islamic State. Fighting More...

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By nsnbc On Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Meeting between Shiite cleric al-Sadr and delegation from Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region delayed

nsnbc : A delegation from Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KAR), tasked with holding official talks on the independence referendum was scheduled to meet the influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the More...

Tabqa school_Syria_2017_YPG_(archives)
By nsnbc On Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Tabqa Civil Council in Syria plant to reopen schools by September

nsnbc : The Education Committee of Tabqa Civil Council, established after the liberation of the town from ISIS by U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, plans to open schools by September. Most schools have sustained More...

Iran shells Kurdish Peshmerga in cross-border shelling
By Christof Lehmann On Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Iranian general simplifies the truth, claims Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum is a U.S. plot

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Iranian General Nadiq, second in command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, claimed the referendum on the independence of Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region, scheduled for More...

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By nsnbc On Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Battle for Raqqa and coalition strikes deadly for civilian non-combatants

nsnbc : The U.S.-led coalition against ISIS conducted more than 200 strikes this week in support of the partnered Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the ground in an around Raqqa, the Islamic State’s “capital” More...

Telal Selo_SDF_Syria_Mar 2017_(archives)
By nsnbc On Friday, August 18th, 2017

US will remain in Syrian Kurdistan for decades: Telal Selo

nsnbc : Telal Selo, spokesman for the U.S.-backed, predominantly Syrian – Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), told reporters that U.S. forces will remain in Syrian Kurdistan in northern Syria long after More...

By nsnbc On Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Taliban urges Trump to pull US forces out of Afghanistan

nsnbc : In an open letter to US President Donald Trump released to the press, the Afghan Taliban, describing Trump as a responsible US leader, urged him to stop listening to stooges in Kabul and warmongering generals More...

Iraq_Kurdistan_high electoral and referendum commission_2017
By nsnbc On Monday, August 14th, 2017

Commission approves dates for Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum and elections

nsnbc : The High Electoral and Referendum Commission of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq will officially set the dates for presidential and parliamentary elections on November 1, following the referendum More...