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logo ínternationalDear nsnbc international reader.

nsnbc ìnternational encourages international dialog. We are of the opinion, that international dialog is one of the most important means of creating a strong political discourse as well as international understanding and tolerance. We therefore don’t censor comments based on opinion, political observance, religious observance or any other individual preference. We don’t necessarily agree with the comments, nor do we in any way, shape or form take responsibility for them. Although we seldom delete comments, we will do so consequently in some instances to maintain an interesting, high quality, civilized dialog.

We consequently delete comments:

  • which incite to hatred, racism, violence or intolerance and extremism
  • which include ad hominim attacks and undocumented slander about any person or group of persons
  • which are off topic, even if the comment otherwise may be interesting, in order to avoid detractors
  • which lead us to believe that the commentator, knowingly or unknowingly, uses the comment section as a conduit for sharing mis/disinformation
  • which are merely repetitions of previous comments, endless circular arguments after making a point rather than contributing more substance to a constructive debate and dialog
  • which are more articles than comments.

In other words, no comments which treat others in a decent manner, no comments which don´t incite to hatred, violence or racism, no comments which don´t slander others or include ad hominim attacks, and no comments which don´t contain repetitions of previous comments without adding substance that enriches the dialog, will be deleted.

Beside that we delete comments:

  • Which contain more than max. one hyperlink. A function of our spam filter.
  • Which contain a hyperlink to another website, if we suspect that it is part of a repeated attempt to divert traffic to another website and away from nsnbc (like bloggers craving attention in unfair ways).
  • Of persons who repeatedly have added comments which have violated one or more of the above points. (Blacklist) – That includes Trolls who send numerous comments amounting to spam. We have a spam filter that automatically blocks such mail addresses and IP addresses.


We repeatedly experienced that commentators inserted hyperlinks to sites which contain malware. This does not only endanger nsnbc but our readers and can result in nsnbc being seriously downgraded in search engines. We have therefore decided that comments can include hyperlinks to articles which have been published in nsnbc international. If you want to refer to another hyperlink you can do it as follows: “””””””

We reserve the right to delete comments without explanation.

We have decided on this comment policy, to secure that we cannot be held legally accountable for any of the comments, as well as we cannot be held legally accountable for the content of our articles, and to avoid spam.

We have also decided to implement this comment policy, to guaranty our readers an environment, where it is possible to have civilized debates on a level that facilitates exchange of opinion, international dialog, international solidarity, as well as international tolerance and understanding.

We decided to delete repetitious comments about the same point (hijacking a debate without adding substance, trolling etc.. ), to keep the comments forum on a high quality standard so quality commentators enjoy coming back. The best guideline we can give when writing a comment is:

 “Think about whether your comment is on topic, adds extra information and is of value for others than yourself”.

My warmest regards and thank you for taking the time to informing yourself and for reading nsnbc international. Please remember to get a free subscription for nsnbc international at the bottom left at our website.

Christof Lehmann


nsnbc ìnternational.

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