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news network and broadcasting collective – international


nsnbc international was established in February 2013, on the basis of a blog Christof Lehmann -2011that was established by Christof Lehmann in 2011. The decision to create nsnbc international as a daily, international, independent, free to read, free to subscribe on-line newspaper was based on the following realizations.

  • There exists a global demand for a high quality, international newspaper, which is truly independent from political parties and organizations, corporate funding and state sponsorship.
  • In fact many of the media which are passing themselves of as “alternative” or “independent” are either  representing a particular political view, are calling themselves “independent” while receiving semi-state sponsorship, and many are receiving funds from foundations without creating a firewall between fundraising and editorial decisions.
  • nsnbc international neither considers such media to be “alternatives” or “independent”. nsnbc international is working at creating a truly independent, worldwide media that satisfies the worldwide need for truthful information, including the dissemination of oppressed information.
  • nsnbc international opposes any form of abuse of media for propaganda, for justifying human rights violations or wars under the guise of humanitarian interventions, responsibility to protect and other questionable constructs. In short, we oppose rationalizations and justifications for crimes, and the abuse of media consumer´s best intentions and most noble aspirations. We consider such media practices unethical and criminal.
  • Only economically independent journalists can work independently. Therefore, nsnbc international does not require exclusives, and we return about 50 % of all advertising revenue to our contributors, depending on how often their work has been read per month. Our contributors continue earning on their work as long as it is being read. Because advertising barely covers server bills we encourage you to donate a modest monthly amount if you register your subscription. To subscribe go to the bottom of our website at www.nsnbc.me - The donate button is in the right column. 
  • Some of our contributors have chosen to support nsnbc international by not taking part in the revenue sharing because they are not dependent on earning an income by journalistic work, columns etc..
  • We believe that our approach is a model that can function worldwide, and we are planning to compete with state- corporate- and foundation-funded mainstream media worldwide, and in solidarity among our contributors.
  • We may publish analysis or opinion from contributors with opposing views and believe that this facilitates much needed public dialog and debate, so our readers can make informed decisions.
  • Rather than being anchored in particular political philosophies, particular religious views, etc. we anchor nsnbc international in universally recognized principles of ethics in international law, justice, human rights, peace, conflict resolution, social justice and other universal values.
  • We consider nsnbc international as a starting point for the establishment of nsnbc in the worlds major languages, of regional editions, and where it is feasible also national editions. We encourage journalists and investors who want to establish regional or national editions to contact us.
  • Good journalism does not know borders, and the need for truthful information as a basis for a just and free political discourse, and ultimately, as a basis for an informed public´s participation in the political discourse is universal. Only an informed citizen can act responsibly.

Because many of our contributors, including scholars who are experts in their fields of reporting, or professional journalists, have been or are suffering the consequences of their ethical standards in form of oppression, unemployment, loss of tenure, assaults and slander, and in the worst case imprisonment or assassination, such as it was the case with our colleague, the Syrian journalist Maja Naser, who was assassinated for exposing the truth about Turkish war crimes in Syria; because relying on donations alone does not allow us to reward our contributors with at least a minimum decent reward, because we believe they deserve a reward for their work, their integrity and the consequences they may be suffering, we have decided to allow advertising on nsnbc through a second or third party provider. Advertising however covers only a minimal part of our expenses. Please support our work and donate to show your appreciation.

Both with regard to the second or third party advertising as well as when you are commenting on nsnbc, or when you are subscribing to nsnbc by e-mail, we assure you, that we adhere to the strictest security, privacy and ethical standards.

It is therefore required, and fair, that we inform you about our privacy policy.

You can read our privacy policy by following this link HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to informing yourself.

Christof Lehmann

Editor in Chief and Founder of nsnbc ìnternational


(C) Copyright nsnbc ìnternational 2011 – 2050 All Rights Reserved

In general terms, all nsnbc content is protected by copyright, all rights reserved. Content, which is not exclusive for nsnbc ìnternational is protected by the individual authors copyright, and is not specified for each individual work. Any other use of nsnbc content, other than that, which is defined under the internationally recognized legal principle of fair use, requires therefore, that the individual author is contacted. We can eventually assist you with that if you contact us by e-mail. See contact nsnbc page.

Contact nsnbc ìnternational

nsnbc international

C/O Dr. Christof Lehmann & L.I.S.

Skovvangsvej 179

8200 Aarhus N


You can contact nsnbc ìnternational by

e-mail at: nsnbc.wordpress@gmail.com

Skype: nsnbc.international

Telephone: +45 322 177 31


nsnbc ìnternational, its editor, owner, or any person working at nsnbc ìnternational, or contributing in any way to nsnbc ìnternational, cannot be held accountable for any of the content published by nsnbc ìnternational or its contributors. All legal responsibility for any of the content published on nsnbc ìnternational is the sole, and exclusive responsibility of the individual author or contributor.

nsnbc and its contributors will not, in any way shape or form be held accountable for any right or wrongful reporting, mistakes or be held accountable for libel under any law or jurisdiction.

The owner, editor, or any other person working with nsnbc ìnternational do not necessarily agree with, endorse, or encourage to agree with or endorse any of the viewpoints, opinions, encouragements, or any other parts of any of the content published on nsnbc ìnternational.

At times we may be using material, such as photographic material which is available in the public domain, without us being able to determine whether there is a copyright owner. In cases where you discover that we have used such material, please notice, that we don’t commit copyright violations intentionally and that we cannot be held accountable. If you can document that you are the rightful copyright owner to any such work you may find published on nsnbc international, please do contact us and we may discuss eventual removal of your work or add the appropriate credit.

Christof Lehmann

Editor-in Chief logo ínternational


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  1. Joseph E Fasciani says:

    Greetings from Canada!

    I’ll be 73 in Feb, published internationally for more than fifty years, and I’ve never seen any information site so dedicated to integrity as this one. It’s a remarkable achievement, and you are to be congratulated.

    But all the kudos in the world won’t pay your hydro bill, so I hope that your readers support you as much as they benefit from your labours on their behalf. Having said that, I am impoverished and unable to make a donation, but will gladly do what I can to make others aware of you, starting after I post this.

    God bless and keep you, we are all better for you being here!

  2. Thank you very much for your independent reports and telling us the truth about Syria invasion.

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