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Published On: Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

Delegation from Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region arrives in Syria’s Rojava

nsnbc : A delegation comprised of representatives from different religious and political groups from Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KAR) arrived in the Syrian – Kurdish enclave of Rojava to show their support and solidarity for the embattled city of Afrin.

A Kurdistan Region delegation from different political parties and ethnic groups are being received by locals and officials in Qamishlo in Rojava, northern Syria on March 10, 2018. Photo courtesy ANHA

A Kurdistan Region delegation from different political parties and ethnic groups are being received by locals and officials in Qamishlo in Rojava, northern Syria on March 10, 2018. Photo courtesy ANHA

The delegation comprised of delegates from Christians, Yezidis, Zoroastrians and Kakaiys as well as some political parties including the Kurdistan Communist Party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Kurdistan Toilers Party and Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party arrived in Qamishlo on Saturday. The delegates are reportedly planning to go to the embattled Afrin as well.

Mohammed Rashid, deputy head of the Kurdistan Veteran Peshmerga Society, told reporters that the representatives from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Communist Party, the Kurdistan Social Democratic Party, and the Kurdistan Toilers Party (Labour Party) have come as “representatives of their respective political parties” to salute the resistance of Afrin. “We are proud of the resistance of the YPG and YPJ fighters,” he said. “We believe the Kurdish nation will prevail in Afrin, as they did in Kobane.”

Also Mamum Salar Caj, a Christian delegate said they were there to support “the resistance of Afrin.” Caj called on the Christian communities across the world to speak out against Turkey’s incursion into Afrin.

This is the second visit paid to Rojava by Kurdistan Regional parties after a Kurdistan Region Parliament delegation in mid-February visited Afrin since Turkey launched its Operation Olive Branch attacks on Afrin starting January 20. The delegation submitted a report to the Kurdistan Regional Government after they returned on their reservations of understaffed, overwhelmed hospitals in the city and the plights of civilians amid Turkey’s continued artillery shells, airstrikes and ground assaults.

Turkish forces and their proxy, the Free Syrian Army (FSA)functioning as umbrella organization for a cohort of Islamist and Turkmen militia and gangs including some of them liked to internationally outlawed terrorist organizations like Al-Nusra and it different “manifestations”  advanced on Saturday to less than two kilometers from the center of Afrin city.

Turkish troops and their Syrian allies have surrounded the city of Afrin and are ready to “enter at any moment” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on Friday, saying Manbij would be next. Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin with the stated aim of clearing “terrorists” from its borders. Ankara alleges the YPG and YPJ and the ruling PYD are branches of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). The YPG has slammed what they describe as global silence on the military offensive. “This people will forgive, but will never forget the invaders and their crime partners.” The YPG has also sharply criticized Russia for allowing Turkey the use of Russian-controlled airspace in air raids against the YPG and SDF forces in Afrin.

CH/L – 11.03.2018

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