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Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

Only the US can help return Saddam’s daughter to Iraq from UAE to face terrorism charges: Jaafar

nsnbc : Iraqi MP Jassem Mohamed Jaafar said only the United States can greenlight the return of  Raghad Saddam, the daughter of ousted and executed Iraqi President Saddam Husein to Iraq where she faces terrorism charges.

Raghad Saddam_Iraq_(archives)Raghad Saddam is currently living in exile in the United Arab Emirates and only the USA can greenlight her extradition to Iraq said Jafaar, an Iraqi MP with close ties to Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi. Jaafar spoke with the local Baghdad Today newspaper claiming that Raghad Saddam currently lives in Emirates, and not in Jordan as is widely believed.

“Her handover to Iraq is in the U.S. hands, if they want to hand her over, UAE will do, and if not, the UAE will not”, Jaafar said. “The U.S. is currently working on handing over terrorists to Iraq, rather than Baathist vestiges,” he said, referring to the ousted and executed former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the Socialist Arab Baath Party.

Earlier this week, Iraq issued a list of 60 Baathists, al-Qaeda and Islamic State militants wanted for terrorism charges, including Raghad. Jaafar said the Iraqi government possesses “numerous evidence for Raghad’s involvement in terrorism, and had handed that evidence to the Interpol for her extradition.

Raghad was speaking to the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel on Monday and categorically dismissed the charges against her. She also rejected the claim that she was currently living in Jordan.

The renewed interest in the daughter of Saddam comes against the backdrop of the Iran and Shia-friendly Iraqi prime Minister and his government’s attempt to conflate Iraq’s Sunni population, the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and the remnants of the formerly-ruling Baath Party and Baathists. Several analysts see the renewed push to have Ragad Saddam brought to trial in Iraq as an attempt to further bolster the Al-Abadi, Shia, Tehran nexus and as an instrument to further oppress Iraq’s Sunni Muslims.

Iraqi intelligence and security services have – according to “unnamed official sources” mentioned in reports by – for example – the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper, for a month, been studying information from friendly (intelligence) bodies about an imminent alliance comprising Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Baath to lead a new era of terrorism that could largely disrupt the domestic situation and open new combat fronts at towns previously declared as terrorists-free”.

F/AK – nsnbc 06.02.2018

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