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Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

Trieste Film Festival 2018 with focus on Kurdistan

nsnbc : The 2018 Trieste International Film Festival to be held from January 19 through January 28 in Trieste, Italy, will among others focus on productions about Kurdistan, in addition to animations, Art&Sound, as well as movies on the 68 generation.

A flag without a country_Film_Kurdistan_2018 Trieste Film FestivalConsidering the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan in November 2017, the continued crackdown on Kurds in Turkey and the role the Syrian – Kurdish – PKK allied PYD and its military wings the YPG and YPJ are playing in the Syrian theater, it is not surprising that the festival would focus on the Kurdistan issue. The festival captures the Zeitgeist of the Kurdish discourse.

A Flag Without Country directed by Bahman Ghobadi in 2015 goes between fiction and documentary. Iraqi Kurdistan is in the center of the incidents.

Filles du Feu (Girls of Fire) directed by Stéphane Breton in 2017 is a documentary. It focuses on Syrian Kurdish women who fight against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other enemies. The film follows the freedom fighter women in their daily lives for seven months and gives a unique insight – although a somewhat biased one – into the lives of the Kurdish women at the frontlines of the war as well as the liberation of women and equality.

No Place for Tears bear Reyan Tuvi’s signature. It is a striking documentary that competed in Visions du Réel in Switzerland’s province of Nyon, Dokfest in Munich and Sarajevo Film Festival. It makes the audience think again on war, solidarity, independence and protecting your identity.

Meteorlar (Trailer) from Gürcan Keltek on Vimeo.

Granted awards at festivals in Bratislava, Locarno and Milan, the Meteors elevated the success rate of Gürcan Keltek. Keltek had proven his poetic perspective on cinema with his movie called Colony telling mass graves in Cyprus. For his latest movie, we can say it is a fiction with documentary elements or vice versa. It is a political production as well as aesthetical on losses and memory with hypnotizing images. Trieste will once again “buzz” with culture when it is at its best – despite the tragic events that took place in the recent past, or maybe “because” an in spite of them.

F/AK – nsnbc 10.01.2017

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