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Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Syrian Kurdish forces handed 9 “ISIS women” and 43 children to Russia

nsnbc : Abdulkarim Omar, Head of Jazira Foreign Relations Commission said Kurdish military and civilian authorities in Syrian Rojava handed over to the Russian government 52 Russian citizens known as ISIS families on Sunday. According to , the families numbered nine women and 43 children.

ISIS families_Rojava_Syria_Nov 2017_1Abdulkarim Omar said Kurds in Syria appreciated Russia’s support for their efforts to achieve self-rule as well as Kurdish participation in Syria’s political process.

He added that the handover of the “ISIS families” was a gesture of reciprocity between Kurds and Russia. Omar added:

“From our commitment to human rights and international treaties and agreements, today a number of Russian citizens will be handed over on their own accord and without any force as long as they have not taken part in combat and have no blood of Syrians on their hands, they’ll be handed over to the Russian government.” 

At a ceremony attended by Kurdish and Russian military and civilian envoy the families were put on buses and under Russian government responsibility.

YPG_ISIS families_Rojava_Syria_Nov 2017Nuri Mahmoud an official spokesman for the People’s protection Units (YPG) told reporters:

“We’re handing over ISIS families to the Russian state. I’d like to say that as YPG, YPJ and the SDF we treated those women humanely.” 

Dr. Ziad al-Sabsabi, Deputy Head of Foreign Relations Commission at the Russian Duma also told reporters that:

“Russia always insists on the participation of Kurds in the Geneva talks, Astana talks, and future conferences. ..- But we’ve to be also realistic. Russia cannot completely ignore the Geneva talks just to impose a Kurdish participation. It’s no secret that Russia always represents Kurdish interests and takes into account their side in all negotiations.”

F/AK – nsnbc 13.11.2017

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