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Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

Malaysian Amin Baco the new Emir of the Islamic State in Southeast Asia: Philippine National Police

nsnbc : Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa told the press that Sabahan Mohammad Amin Baco has replaced the deceased Isnilon Hapilon to become the new “emir” of the ultra-radical Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Southeast Asia. 

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Paraded before the press by police and convicted in the eye of the public, police did not provide evidence to support the claim the Amin Baco is the new Maute – ISIS emir.

Baco was previously known as an operative of the Malaysia-based terror group Jemaah Islamiyah. Hapilon was killed as the five-months-long conflict between Philippines troops and Islamist militants for Marawi city in Mindanao ended.

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa disclosed this information, citing police intelligence, during the presentation to the media of Muhammad Ilham Syahputra, an Indonesian tied to the Maute-ISIS group.

Indonesian national Muhammad Ilham Syahputra was captured by authorities in the Marawi main battleground on November 1.

According to Rolando Mendez, Amin Baco is one of the most experienced terrorists in the Philippines and the new top dog or “emir” of the Islamic State in the region.

Dela Rosa did not brief the press about the exact intelligence that led him to state that Amin Baco had assumed the role or function of “emir” of the Islamic State’s franchises in the Philippines and, as he claimed” South-east Asia.

Dela Rosa’s assertion may in part be based on statements of confessions by Syahputra. If so, one question is whether these statements are true, and another question would be “how were confessions or statements obtained?”.

That said, Baco would, with his experience as top Jemaah Islamiya have the pedigree and connections that would enable him to act as a unifying force and force multiplier. Jemaah Islamiya was linked to the so-called Bali bombing on October 25, 2002.

Jamaah Islamiya maintained and maintains very close ties with top Al-Qaeda leadership circles, the Taliban, armed elements of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the Philippine Maute – ISIS franchise, a military intelligence source from Bangladesh told nsnbc international Tuesday morning.

The group is most likely also linked to international attempts – silently endorsed by the governments of Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and others – to destabilize Myanmar’s Rakhine State, southern Thailand and the Philippines, he said.

CH/L – nsnbc 07.11.2017

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