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Published On: Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017

Alleged Filipino ISIS recruiter Karen Aizha Hamidon faces terrorist charges in India

nsnbc : Karen Aizha Hamidon from the Philippines and widow of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group’s leader in the Philippines was recently arrested for inciting terror and recruiting fighters to join the terrorist group in Marawi city as well as Iraq and Syria. She has also been charged for recruiting Indian men to fight in the Middle East and the Philippines.

Karen Aizha Hamidon_Philippines_India_2017Karen Aizha Hamidon allegedly recruited foreign fighters and spread extremist propaganda related to the siege of Marawi City by the Maute terror group in the Philippines. Complaints for 14 counts of inciting to rebellion have been filed before the Department of Justice against the alleged ISIS recruiter.

Karen Aizha Hamidon was paraded before the press at a news conference by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II like a trophy, not unlike the way Peruvian – Japanese dictator Fujimori had captured MRTA guerrilla parade before the press. Depending on whether or not Karen can or will be afforded an appropriate legal defense, this “parading” her before the press could, some say should become part of her defense.

Aguirre was reportedly also saying, “She gained international notoriety in the middle of 2016 when she successfully recruited several Indian nationals to come to the Philippines and join the radical Islamic extremist groups in Mindanao.”

Karen Aizha Hamidon was arrested on October 11 and investigations have revealed 296 posts allegedly posted by Hamidon which allegedly incited terrorism and promoted rebellion in Marawi. She allegedly posted a message on her Telegram app the same day she was arrested inviting Muslims to join the fight in Marawi city.

The Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) stated earlier that Karen was earlier married to a man named Muhammad Shamin Sidek, a Singaporean ISIS member. The NBI said on Friday that they have received a special request from the Indian government to investigate the recruitment of several Indian men by Hamidon.  She reportedly used encrypted messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram to send messages calling on Muslims to join the fight against government forces in Marawi City in order to establish a province of the ISIS. Critics warn against using her case and similar cases to infringe on the privacy of users of messaging services.

CH/L – nsnbc 03.11.2017

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