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Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Taiwan to include cats in regulations for sales of animals

nsnbc : An official for Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture said the council plans to add cats to its current Regulations for Particular Animal Industry Management, which currently only covers dogs. Taiwan has, earlier in 2017, made significant progress with regard to animals rights when it outlawed the eating of dog and cat meat and euthanasia of dogs in shelters and began imposing harsher punishment for cruelty against animals.

 The Act makes sure that whoever owns, breeds, trades and lodges specific breeds of pets possesses a legal permit. This regulation is currently only valid for those who own dogs or operate in the breeding and trading of dogs, because dogs are the only ‘specific breed’ in the COA’s regulations,.

If any person or facility breeds or trades on covered, specific types of pets without a legal permit, he will be subjected to a fine of NT$100,000 (US$3,290) to NT$3 million along with an order to shut down the business.

The number of cats kept as pets by Taiwanese has risen significantly in the past year, with the total official number reaching up to 61,364.

Taiwan requires certain animals kept as pets to be registered under its Regulations for Pet Registry Management. The council also mentioned that the new amendments will be put in force within a year as to allow the businesses enough time to make the required changes and arrangements in order to abide by the upcoming change in regulations.

Taiwan_Dogs_Pet animalsTaiwan has made significant progress with regard to animal rights this year. In February 2017 a revision of Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act came into effect, making Taiwan the second Asian country after India to adopt a nationwide ban on euthanasia for stray or runaway animals. The adoption of the legislation came after a debate prompted by the documentary “Twelve Nights”.

In April 2017 Taiwan set a new Asian gold standard when it became the first Asian country to ban eating dogs and cats and imposed heavier penalties on animal abuse.

Eating cat and dog meat is as common in many Asian countries, as the lack of animal rights and the prevalence of cruelty against animals.

This was waiting for over one week, hoping that her owner will come back to the crashed scooter and pick her up.

This was waiting for over one week, hoping that her owner will come back to the crashed scooter and pick her up.

Changes in legislation have also led to positive changes in attitudes towards pet animals in the general public and among police. In August police in downtown Magong in the Taiwanese off-shore province of Penghu spoke to the media about a dog who had been waiting for a week near her owners scooter after the owner had an accident and was brought to hospital.

Instead of bringing the dog to a shelter Magong traffic police captain Hsu Shou-chin, on August 7, told reporters that the accident involved a woman on a scooter and a car. The woman, surnamed Lee Pin, supposedly had her dog on board the scooter when the accident happened, said captain Hsu.

He explained that the dog, terrified after the crash, ran away. The woman, he said, suffered leg injuries and was sent to hospital for treatment, leaving the scooter as well as the dog on the scene of the accident.

However, Hsu also stressed that Lee Lin’s family could be attending to her at the hospital and that he hoped that the owner of the scooter or her family could come to the scene to bring back the dog and end its seemingly endless wait.

Hsu said the dog which was only about one meter in length, judging by its size and behavior, was still a pup. He said when strangers come up to the scooter it would become defensive, but if called upon gently, it would come close to the caller, wagging its tail.

CH/L – nsnbc 10.10.2017

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