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Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Belgium to revoke concession for Grand Mosque over extremism and lack of transparency

nsnbc : Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon has said that the concession for the Grand Mosque in Brussels’ Jubelpark is to be revoked. The announcement came after legislators found extremism and a lack of transparency.

Brussels_Belgium_Jubel park grand mosqueOn Monday the Parliamentary Investigative Committee made a number of recommendations relating to the Grand Mosque at Jubelpark in the Belgian capital Brussels. The Committee recommended that the Federal Government revoke the concession for the mosque that is currently run by the Saudi financed Islamic Cultural Centre.

On Tuesday, October 10, Interior Minister Jambon said he intends to follow the recommendations made by a Parliamentary Investigative Committee into the terrorist attacks on March 22, 2016 with regard to the Grand Mosque to the letter.

The Grand Mosque in Brussels is financed with funds from Saudi Arabia. The lawmakers found that there is no transparency as to where and from whom exactly in Saudi Arabia the funding comes from.

Furthermore the Mosque is considered by the security services to be a hotbed of radicalism. The Federal Government now wants to get more of a hold on the Mosque’s activities and intends to give the concession for running the Grand Mosque to an officially recognized organisation that favors a more moderate form of Islam.

However, precise details on the who, when and how are still being looked into by Jambon and his colleagues in the Federal Cabinet. Finding “moderate” Islamic organizations which do not promote ideals such as the introduction of Sharia and other practices that are irreconcilable with secular European democracies is indeed difficult if not virtually impossible.

In September 2017 a statement by Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb – Note that Egypt-based Al-Azhar is internationally recognized as the most authoritative, allegedly “moderate” institution of Sunni Islam showed again that the allegedly “moderate” Islamic foundations are every bit as radical and anti-democratic as the so-called “radical Islamists”.

During his speech, referring to the fact that Tunisia changed laws that forbade Muslim women to marry non-Muslim foreigners Al-Tayeb claimed that marriage in Islam is not a civil contract but rather a religious bond that is based on love and cordiality.

Al-Tayeb tried to justify differences between the status of men and women claiming that “a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman because his faith is only intact when he believes in Jesus”. Hence, he will allow her to go to church and to freely exercise her religion, Al-Tayeb claimed.

Conversely, Al-Tayeb claimed that “a Christian man doesn’t believe in the faith of a Muslim woman, so cordiality in this marriage will be absent and this is why it was banned by Islam”.

The “moderate” Al-Azhar Grand Imam did not explain the foundation of his implied position that Islam – or any other religion – should have an impact on civil legal affairs which are regulated by law. Moderate Al-Azar does, although moderately carefully, support the introduction of sharia law, also in non-Muslim majority countries.

CH/L – nsnbc 10.10.2017

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