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Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Taiwanese dog has been waiting for owner at accident site for over one week

nsnbc : A young dog has been waiting for its owner for over one week after a woman, who apparently had the dog on board her scooter, crashed on July 31 and was transported to hospital for treatment.

This puppy has now been waiting for over one week, hoping that her owner will come back to the crashed scooter and pick her up.

This puppy has now been waiting for over one week, hoping that her owner, Lee Pin, will come back to the crashed scooter and pick her up.

The accident happened on the night of July 31 in downtown Magong in the Taiwanese off-shore province of Penghu. Magong traffic police captain Hsu Shou-chin, on Monday, August 7, told reporters that the accident involved a woman on a scooter and a car. The woman, surnamed Lee Pin, supposedly had her dog on board the scooter when the accident happened, said captain Hsu.

The traffic police officer explained that the dog, terrified after the crash, ran away. The woman, he said, suffered leg injuries and was sent to hospital for treatment, leaving the scooter as well as the dog on the scene of the accident.

After police officers had finished investigating and recording the accident the dog came back, said captain Hsu. He said that the poor dog has been waiting there near the parked scooter, in the scorching sun and into the night for over one week, apparently hoping that its owner would return. Hsu noted that the sight of the faithful dog prompts some passerby to feel sympathetic to the animal, and that some have brought dog food to feed the waiting dog.

However, Hsu also stressed that Lee Lin’s family could be attending to her at the hospital and that he hoped that the owner of the scooter or her family could come to the scene to bring back the dog and end its seemingly endless wait.

Hsu said the dog which is only about one meter in length, judging by its size and behavior, is still a pup. He said when strangers come up to the scooter it would become defensive, but if called upon gently, it would come close to the caller, wagging its tail.

CH/L – nsnbc 07.08.2017

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