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Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

Santos signed decree, granting amnesty to 3,252 disarmed FARC guerrilla

nsnbc : Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree on Monday, granting amnesty to 3,252 disarmed guerrilla from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP). Non of the ex-guerrilla who were granted amnesty stand accused of grave war crimes.

FARC-EP guerrilla - time to exchange a gun for a Gucci handbag?

FARC-EP guerrilla – time to exchange a gun for a Gucci handbag?

The decree signed by President Santos on Monday is the third of its kind. A total of 6,005 disarmed and demobilized FARC-EP guerrilla. Non of those who were granted amnesty are accused of serious crimes or war crimes.

Another 1,400 FARC guerrilla will have to apply for amnesty before a judge. Hundreds of them are incarcerated in prisons. Judges, within the transitional justice system, will have to clarify whether they are guilty of alleged war  crimes or other serious crimes including rape, and eventual reparations to victims, before it will be determined whether they are “fit to reintegrate in society and participate in politics”.

The transitional justice system established under the peace accord between the State a FARC-EP focuses on reparation and reconciliation, more than it focuses on punishment and, arguably, retribution, which is perceived as contraindicated with regard to reconciliation and long-term peace.

Santos signed the decree to pardon the additional 3,252 ex-guerrilla on the day the United Nations approved a second three-year mission in Colombia to continue monitoring the peace process and eventual violations. Not everything, however, is rosy for the pardoned FARC guerrilla. Earlier this month the UN stressed that the majority are plagued by uncertainty about their future, as well as by grave and justified concerns about their safety.

The FARC-EP has, with the the exception of very few so-called “dissident FARC guerrilla” fully demobilized and disarmed, even though some 300 arms caches still need to be cleared. The FARC’s commitment and participation in the peace process and demobilization has been recognized and praised nationally as well as internationally.

However,  some of the most controversial issues are still ahead. They include the trial of the about 1,400 FARC guerrilla, as well as well as some 24,400, in some cases elected officials and some 12,500 private individuals, as well as certain corporations like Dole and Chiquita, who have to submit to the transitional justice system as well.

A/N – nsnbc 12.07.2017

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