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Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Mozambican President Nyusi visits Tete, calls for national reconciliation

nsnbc : President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday urged the population of the western Mozambican province of Tete to become involved in national reconciliation, in the framework of the dialogue under way with the opposition party and insurgency Renamo, aimed at achieving effective peace.

Felipe Nyusi_Mozambique_Tete_Jun 2017President Felipe Nyusi was speaking in the town of Chitima, in Cahora Bassa district, during a rally that marked the first day of a three day visit to Tete province in western Mozambique.

At the rally, Nyusy referred to his telephone contacts with Renamo leader Alfonso Dhlakama, the fact that Dhlakama and Renamo had offered an indefinite truce, and said “we are engaged in dialogue. … Dialogue, at all levels, is fundamental for peace. … Peace does not depend on one group of people. It depends on all of us”. He urged his listeners to embrace the path of tolerance and reconciliation, so that the dialogue would indeed culminate in the establishment of effective peace.

Dhlakama has repeatedly criticized the government for moving very slowly in the peace talks, and in the agreed withdrawal of government forces from positions in Gorongosa district near the Renamo camp where Dhlakama is currently living. Nyusi admitted there were delays, but said these should not be blamed on just one side in the conflict. “We are in dialogue”, he said. “It’s true there are delays. It’s a joint responsibility”. He stressed that all Mozambicans should contribute to the search for lasting peace.

Nyusi also warned the public against unnamed individuals who, according to him, were active in some parts of Tete province, inciting disorder and confusion, with objectives that were far from clear. Such individuals, he said, were even preventing children from going to school or from benefitting from other social services. “This is a new war, a dangerous war, against which we have to be vigilant”, said Nyusi. He said that these people mostly “do not work and want to create confusion among the population”. “They spend their time intimidating the population not to accept the messages of the government”, he stressed. “They are creating destabilisation among the communities”.

This behaviour, he added, was the work of certain religious sects. He did not name them, but there are known to be some fundamentalist Christian sects operating in central Mozambique which, for example, oppose vaccination as “against the will of God”. Speakers from the crowd at the rally praised recent improvements in living conditions, but also asked for more classrooms, improved access roads, expansion of the electricity grid to reach more localities in the district, and the provision of agricultural inputs to allow them to increase production and productivity.

F/AK & A/N – nsnbc 30.06.2017

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