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Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

Two Venezuelan Police Officers Indicted for Killing Protester Daniel Queliz

nsnbc : The public prosecutor has indicted two police officers for the killing of the 20-year-old opposition protester Daniel Queliz during a demonstration in Venezuela’s Carabobo State on April 10 this year.

Carabobo State police_Venezuela_(archives)The two officers are the 47-year-old Marcos Ojeda and the 33-year-old Edwin Romero. Ojeda was charged with premeditated murder. His fellow officer  while fellow officer Romero was indicted with accessory to murder. Both Carabobo State police officers will also be prosecuted for the inappropriate use of their firearms.

Daniel Queliz was shot in the neck as he participated in an opposition protest against the government outside Los Parques apartment blocks in Valencia, Carabobo state. He was taken to a hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

The killing of the 20-year-old exacerbated an already explosive situation during the protest and contributed to radicalizing other younger members of Venezuela’s opposition parties.

The opposition Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD) coalition holds a majority in Venezuela’s National Assembly. However, the Supreme Court, dominated by Venezuela’s ruling socialist PSUV administration, suspended parliament.

Red smoke seen at a distance during opposition protest in Caracas on Saturday. (LaPatilla)

Red smoke seen at a distance during opposition protest in Caracas. (LaPatilla)

Members of the MUD opposition have been organizing anti-PSUV government protests since the beginning of April. Some of these protests turned violent with both sides accusing each other of causing the violence.

At least six people have lost their lives in this latest round of violent clashes so far. Three police officers have been indicted so far for killings at protests, including Queliz. Investigations into the other two deaths are ongoing.

State media accused members of the opposition of paying protesters for violent acts. So far, such claims and media reports have not been substantiated by independently verifiable evidence or by a court of law.

A/N – nsnbc 19.04.2017

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