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Published On: Fri, Apr 14th, 2017

Assassinations of Colombian Rights Activists and Leftist Politicians Skyrocket – Documentary

nsnbc : Colombian rights organizations were right when they warned that tens of thousands of rights activists, grassroots activists and leftist politicians in areas where the FARC demobilized were at risk. As predicted, the price of Colombia’s peace process is paid in blood as right-wing paramilitaries and crime cartels fill the power vacuum.

Colombia_peace_2017.Right-wing paramilitaries including the AGC a.k.a. Los Urabenos and the Aguilas Negras are filling the power vacuum as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) demobilizes and the government fails to fill the power vacuum with a sufficient number of and properly organized military and police forces.

Extreme radicals like the Aguilas Negras who primarily recruit among socio-economically underprivileged youth in Colombia’s gangland environment of Medellin threaten social cleansing of “undesirables” including rival drug dealers, leftist activists and politicians, human rights activists and grassroots activists, members of the LGBT community and prostitutes.

Meanwhile the peace talks between the Colombian government and the leftist national Liberation Army (ELN) continue. Right-wing paramilitaries, especially the AGC is on standby to fill a power vacuum should the ELN disarm and demobilize in traditionally ELN controlled areas. Among the ranks of demobilizing FARC guerrilla there is an atmosphere of mistrust and among many, readiness to take up the armed struggle in new guerrilla organizations if the government fails to protect them and traditionally FARC controlled communities.

British documentary filmmaker Toby Muse visited Colombia and has spoken with victims of the wave of assassinations as well as with AGC and Aguilas Negras members. Of course his short documentary cannot cover all of the aspects of the impending cris. His film is, however, an important contribution that helps raise awareness and warmly recommended by nsnbc international editor-in-chief Christof Lehmann, who recommended earlier that demobilized FARC-EP and ELN members could be integrated into Colombia’s military and police forces.

A/N – nsnbc 14.04.2017

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