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Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

Putin and Rouhani underpin shared interests at Russian – Iranian summit in Moscow

nsnbc : After a meeting of Russian and Iranian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani plus their respective delegations, the two issued a joint statement underpinning the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation, cooperation in the nuclear sector including the Iran & P5+1 nuclear agreement, as well as the need to cooperate in shared regional interests including Iraq and Syria.

Rouhani_Putin_Moscow_RussiaIn their joint statement the two note that “Russia and Iran state their support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Iraq, the efforts taken by the Iraqi authorities aimed at fighting terrorism represented by the Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS, ISIS, Daesh) and other extremist groupings, and also at restoring control of the country’s territories seized by such groupings.”.

The statement also highlights concerns for terrorist crimes against minorities and the cultural heritage in Iraq stating: “The sides resolutely denounce the terrorists’ crimes against the Iraqi people, including the crimes aimed against the national and religious minorities and the cultural heritage of Iraq.”

With regard to the war in Syria and the two countries’ involvement in the war there, the two heads of state and delegations noted that: “Terrorism is a big threat for the region these days and the two countries have had good cooperation in fighting terrorism and securing regional peace and settlement of problems in Iraq and Syria.”  Earlier this week Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that Russia could continue using airbases in Iran to launch air strikes against militants in Syria. Zarif told reporters: “Russia doesn’t have a military base (in Iran), we have good cooperation, and on a case by case basis, when it is necessary for Russians fighting terrorism to use Iranian facilities, we will make a decision.”

In their joint statement the two parties noted: “Particular attention was paid to expansion of cooperation in the oil and gas sphere, particularly to implementation of joint projects in the territory of Iran in the sphere of exploration, production and transportation of raw hydrocarbons, including to third countries, technology transfers, swaps and construction of related infrastructure.”

Putin for his part, said: “We see good potential to broaden interaction in the oil and gas sector. Leading Russian companies reached a series of important agreements on development of large hydrocarbon fields in Iran.”

According to the joint statement, both parties underscored the importance of compliance with the UN Security Council nuclear energy deal and the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The joint statement recognizes “Iran’s strict compliance with its obligations under the Joint Plan, confirmed by the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency], as well as its firm intention to strictly observe the agreements within the established deadlines. … While stating the importance of this Joint Plan as a multilateral international document, approved by the UN Security Council, Russia and Iran emphasized the need for full compliance by all parties with obligations under this document. At the same time they stressed the fact that the Islamic republic of Iran has full legitimate rights to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in accordance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty,” it added.

F/AK – nsnbc 29.03.2017

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