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Published On: Sun, Mar 19th, 2017

Russia’a Alfa Bank Denies FBI Allegations about Links to Trump Organization

nsnbc : Alfa Bank, the largest commercial bank in Russia, denied allegations that it had any links to the Trump organization and that hackers are sending reverse lookup requests designed to look like they are coming from Alfa Bank.

Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Courtesy Shutterstock.

Alfa Bank issued a lengthy press release explaining that it has no ties to the Trump Organization. (Press release here). The press release was published following reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is again investigating links between the two.

Alfa Bank claims that the false impressions of ties to the Trump Organization is the result of cyber attacks on the bank’s computers, dating back to February and March. Hackers reportedly repeatedly bombarded the Trump Organization’s servers with DNS-requests from servers located in the United States.

The hackers, said Alfa Bank, are sending DNS reverse lookup requests designed to look like they are coming from Alfa Bank. In its press release that bank notes that “Alfa Bank confirms that it appealed to U.S. law enforcement agencies for assistance in finding the people behind the cyber-attacks on its servers, which lead to the false impression that Alfa Bank is working together with the Trump Organization”.

So far neither the FBI nor any other source has made independently verifiable evidence about the alleged links available. In fairness, Alfa Bank hasn’t published its data either. However, earlier in March the American broadcaster CNN “reported” that U.S. federal investigators are still examining what was described as “odd computer links” between Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

In November 2016 The New York Times reported on an earlier FBI investigation into the same issue. The NYT would conclude that there ultimately “could be an innocuous explanation” such as marketing email or spam for the computer contacts. Any more or less proficient amateur hacker has, since the early 1990s been able to “mask” IP addresses.

F/AK – nsnbc 19.03.2017

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