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Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

Mozambican Parliament to Discuss Decentralization and Peace

nsnbc : The main item on the agenda of the fifth session of the Assembly of the Republic started Monday and placed peace and the debate on decentralization as top priorities. Ivone Soares, head of Renamo’s parliamentary group, guarantees that her party will prioritize peace. Renamo earlier this month moved its official headquarter back to the capital Maputo.

Courtesy Ivon Soares

Courtesy Ivon Soares

“We have to contribute to a language that helps Mozambicans to build the necessary consensus that is not part of violence and where violence is the resource that no one feels the urge to appeal to because it only creates problems, only creates pain for us and disaster in our families,” Soares said.

For Frelimo, the priority in this session will be the disarmament of Renamo, “just as the Constitution of the Republic states”. “There is a huge effort, particularly by President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, for a definitive peace and we as MPs will echo his words and actions,” said parliamentary spokesman Edmundo Galiza Matos Júnior. Frelimo has repeatedly stressed that Renamo must chose between being an insurgency or a political party that is represented in parliament. The constitution does not allow more than one military force in the country.

The fact that Renamo began rebuilding its armed forces in 2012, following the discovery of substantial coal and offshore gas resources had set the country on a course that renewed fears that Mozambique will again descend into a brutal – full scale – civil war.

Although the MDM is not party to the dialogue preparing the decentralization package to be submitted to parliament, party leader Lutero Simango says he will make the best possible contribution to achieving peace. “The greatest concern of Mozambicans is in fact to rescue peace, the peace that has to be truly effective, cannot be subject to conditions, much less borrowed, hence our parliamentary bench will continue to say that we all want an effective peace which is real, we want peace for all Mozambicans,” Simango said.

The fifth parliamentary session runs until 11 May.

F/AK – nsnbc 27.02.2017

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