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Published On: Sat, Jan 7th, 2017

Julius Borges Elected to Head Venezuela’s National Assembly

nsnbc : Venezuelan legislators , this week, elected Julius Borges to head the country’s National Assembly where Venezuela’s Democratic Rountable (MUD) opposition holds a firm majority that creates difficulties for the Socialist Party dominated presidency and executive branch.

julio-borges_venezuela_caracas_jan-2016Supporters of Venezuela’s socialist PSUV would stress that Julius Borges participated in the brief and failed coup against former socialist president Hugo Chavez in 2002, and that Borges has been “a divisive figure” in Venezuelan politics ever since.

What Venezuela’s mainly State controlled media don’t want to surface within this context are the voices of those who reply that Chavez and the PSUV  themselves came to power in what some call a “revolution” and others a “coup”. What most on the left and the right agree upon, however, is that the election of Julius Borges probably will further polarize the already deeply divided and troubled country.

PSUV supporters also denounce Julius Borges for his “ties to the USA” including a network of US and foreign NGOs, omitting the fact that PSUV ties to i.e. Cuban NGOs are being “glorified” in State-controlled media.

Borges has, since he was sworn in to head the MUD dominated National Assembly, stated that he will seek new presidential elections as soon as possible while he called on the country’s military not to interfere in politics or if necessary, to help remove President Maduro from power if the PSUV administration refuses to adhere to the Constitution.

He said “in the coming days, we will approve a declaration that Nicolas Maduro has abandoned his post”. The MUD maintains that such a declaration from the National Assembly should be sufficient to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power.

Such a move will, most probably, be blocked by the PSUV dominated Supreme Court. Moreover, the Muduro administration already dismissed the appointment of Borges as “unconstitutional”, claiming that the National Assembly remains “in contempt of court”. The PSUV administration noted that it would challenge the election of Borges at the (PSUV dominated) Supreme Court.

In 2000 Julius Borges founded the Primero Justicia party. Since 200 he has been elected to the National Assembly three times. In 2006 he attempted an unsuccessful presidential campaign. Borges replaces Ramos Allup as head of the National Assembly.

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