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Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

Islamists Open New Fronts in India and Myanmar

nsnbc : Recent intelligence strongly suggests that foreign-funded Islamist organizations with Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood links are targeting Muslim communities in India for a “final war” while other, likewise foreign-funded organizations have increased their activities in Myanmar.

india-pakistan-border_kashmir_2016_neoAl-Qaeda, the brain-child of U.S. Security Adviser Zbigniev Brzezinski, the USA and Saudi Arabia who created Al-Qaeda to lure Soviet troops into Afghanistan to give the Soviets “their Vietnam”, is increasingly rearing its heads in India and Myanmar.


Reliable intelligence reports reviewed by nsnbc over the course of the last week substantiate that Al-Qaeda affiliated networks increasingly target Muslim communities in India for recruitment. Intelligence sources in India note that al-Qaeda is making significant inroads into India aimed at creating the basis for a Ghawza-eHind, or a final, decisive battle for India.

Recruitment for a holy war in India increased both in terms of infiltration of Muslim communities and direct recruitment, as well as via the internet. Indian intelligence sources also stress that al-Qaeda-linked fighters increasingly recruit in Kashmir.

This recruitment is not limited to directly al-Qaeda affiliated groups but also to what many call al-Qaeda’s sister, the Muslim Brotherhood linked Taliban. Most prominent among Taliban factions involved in increased recruitment for India is the Tahrik-a-Taliban from Pakistan, note Indian intelligence sources.


Myanmar_Rohingya_Muslims_ATN_NEOIntelligence reports from 2012 showed that violence in Myanmar’s  Rakhine State, supposedly between Muslim Rohingya and Buddhists, has been planned and executed in collusion between the Al-Qaeda associated Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islam (HuJI) and the Rohingya Solidarity Organization. The basis of operations for these organizations and for the violence are Rohingya camps in Bangladesh. Both organizations as well as the camps are under supervision of Bangladesh´s intelligence service, DGFI.

Latest intelligence reports reviewed by nsnbc substantiate that this trend has continued and now increasingly involved a group that designates itself as Harakah al-Yaqin (a.k.a. Faith Movement, HaY).

Links between the DGFI and Pakistan’s ISI as well as Saudi intelligence have been reported. The HaY is led by c committee of Rohingya in Saudi Arabia and its commanders on the ground are Rohingya from Myanmar’s Rakhine State as well as from Rohingya refugee centers in Bangladesh.

vschina myanmar pipelinekrIt must be stressed that there is a significant amount of “internally displaced” Rohingya in Bangladesh and that most of the Rohingya who have come to Myanmar in recent decades fled oppression and internal displacement in Bangladesh. It is also noteworthy that a retired DGFI officer, in 2012, stressed to nsnbc that recruitment in Rohingya camps in Bangladesh is conducted under supervision of the DGFI.

The emergence of the HaY bears all the hallmarks of being extraordinarily well-organized and well-funded. The development comes as Myanmar’s new government attempts to find a political footing based on national coherence, national sovereignty, and an independent geopolitical position that takes into account, both Myanmar’s proximity to neighboring China and the energy-political and geostrategic interests of India, China and western corporate cartels who are interested in the country’s hydrocarbons. Myanmar’s Rakhine State is the most resource-rich area in the greater Mekong region.

CH/L – nsnbc 06.01.2017

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