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Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

Aeroflot Passenger Jet Veered Off The Runway In Kaliningrad

nsnbc : A A321 passenger jet operated by Russia’s Aeroflot veered off the runway after landing at the Khravbrovo Airport in Kaliningrad at 22:54 EEST late Tuesday night. Non of the 167 passengers on board the plane were injured. The plane’s nose gear broke down after plowing through soft soil.

Khravbrovo Airport Terminal. Courtesy Kakaru CC 3.0

Khravbrovo Airport Terminal. Courtesy Kakaru CC 3.0

The press service of the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot stated that the airliner on flight SU1008 from Moscow to Kaliningrad veered off the runway after landing, that the nose gear broke, that all costumers were evacuated from the jet and that there were no injuries.

Passengers underwent medical checkups to assure that nobody had sustained any injuries. Three of the 167 passengers reportedly asked for medical attention.

The airline noted that possible causes for the incident were poor adhesion of the wheels to the runway and a strong crosswind. So far, no information on whether the runway was safe to land on and how strong the eventual crosswinds were.

Temperatures in Kaliningrad Tuesday night were about minus 8 degrees celsius with NNE gusts up to 41 kilometers per hour. There was plenty of precipitation, 70 percent, occasionally as snowfall.

Airport services removed the A321 jet after the accident. Airport services reported after the incident that preparations for the reopening of the airport in the morning were in full swing and that the first flight from Kaliningrad is expected to take off from Khravbroro Airport at 05:00 EEST or 03:00 UTC.

The regional branch of the Northwestern Department of Investigations in the Transport Sector, which reports to Russia’s Investigative Committee reported that an investigation into the incident had been launched.  This includes the examination of the accident site, questioning of eyewitnesses, and other steps.

CH/L – nsnbc 04.01.2017

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