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Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Women in Northern Afghanistan Ready to Give Taliban & ISIS Fighters Their 72 Virgins

nsnbc : A still relatively small but fast growing group of women in northern Afghanistan picked up arms to protect themselves and to fight against Taliban and ISIS insurgents.

afghanistan_jawzjan_female-anti-taliban-fighters_jan-2017A group of women in Afghanistan’s northern Jawzjan province have picked up readily available arms against Taliban and Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) insurgents. The women’s anti-Taliban and anti-ISIS uprising started in the remote Darzab district of Jawzjan.

However, photographs of the females who apparently are more than willing to send indoctrinated Islamist “martyrs” to their paradise and according to their believe, their 72 virgins, have circulated widely, and have inspired many an Afghan woman to consider joining the gang of girls, or to create their own self-defense units.

Ironically, actually believing Islamists are scared of female fighters due to their believe that being killed by a woman is “unworthy”, so there won’t be any paradise, and no 72 virgins waiting for them. Moreover, there is no passage in the holy Quran that guarantees that  the virgins are either young, beautiful, or submissive – bad luck, boys.

While many women feel empowered and tempted to follow the Darzab district girls’ example, there has been “outrage” among conservatives, and there are rather many of them in Afghanistan, also among so-called moderate Islamists / Muslims.

The women’s formation of self-defense groups in Darzab started in November 2016 to stop Taliban insurgents who attempted to seize control over strategic areas in the district. The group led by a 53-year-old woman, Zarmina, has now 45 fighters.

Ironically, the Taliban’s and Islamic State’s oppression of women and especially their understanding of “justice” may be one of the very factors that will prompt an ever growing number of females to say “yes we can because we have to”. In late December Taliban insurgents beheaded a woman for “verbally assaulting them”. Where one can’t “reason” with a man, an AK-47 may, indeed be a good life insurance policy and empowering.

A/N & CH/L – nsnbc 02.01.2017

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  1. Secret Agent says:

    Actually, the Takafiri freaks are terrified of being killed by a woman cause they believe they will go straight to hell.

    That’s why the Kurdish girls do so good.

    • Daniel says:

      Actually, Muslim refuses to acknowledge what the Muslims are doing to each other (and us), especially when they refer to radical Sunni Muslims as US baked Takfiri militants. I would suggest that those who who accuse the ideologically pure Orthodox Muslim of apostasy for carrying out the will of Allah and the prophet Muhammad, they are probably the true Takfiri.

  2. Sajjad says:

    Well the statement referring to the holy Quran in this article as “there is no passage in the holy Quran that guarantees that the virgins are either young, beautiful, or submissive” is wrong. Actually we believe that we all would be taken up as adult and young no matter we might have aged to the old or neonate. However the it is a fact that the radicals of Talibans/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh have betrayed themselves and others too, by believing on the false interpretations as they think fit to their satisfaction.

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