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Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

Mozambique: Renamo Official José Naitele Assassinated

nsnbc : José Naitele, a member of Mozambique’s opposition Renamo party has been shot and killed in his car by unidentified gunmen. The assassination happened, ironically, only days after Renamo President Dhlakama announced a 7-day new-year-ceasefire.

jose-naitele_nampula_mozambique_dec-29_2016José Naitelé was a former deputy of the Aseembly of the Republic of Mozambique. He was shot and killed on December 29, 016, in the city of Nampula,  only a few meters away from his home in the Namutequeliua neighbourhood.

More than ten bullets were reportedly fired at Naitele and his car, according to Renamo’s spokesman António Muchanga. The gunmen have not yet been identified.

The fatal shooting occurred at around 2pm local time when Naitelé was on his way back home. The wife of the deceased alleged that he was being threatened and persecuted by unknown individuals. Naiteléøs wife told reporters:

“My husband left today at 9 am for service. Yesterday he told me that he was being persecuted and no longer felt safe. At night, strangers would arrive here with machetes, and not one of us knows who these people are”.

It was Renamo’s spokesman António Muchanga who claimed that some 10 shots had been fired by what he denounced as: “Death squads seeking to eliminate members of the party.” He added: “There is no thug who will shoot more than 10 shots inside the city.”

Muchunga statement implies that Naitelé was shot and killed by supporters of the ruling Frelimo party rather than by common criminals, of which there are many in Mozambique.

The deadly shooting occurred only days after Renamo leader Alfonso Dhlakama had announced a 7-day-long new year ceasefire after a telephone conversation with President Felipe Nyusi. José Naitele leaves a pregnant widow and eight children.

F/AK – nsnbc 30.12.2016

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