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Published On: Sun, Dec 18th, 2016

$500,000 US Training Center in Afghanistan is Melting: SIGAR

nsnbc : A half-million dollar training center for Afghan police, built by the United States in cooperation with Afghan contractors is literally melting away, said the U.S. Special Investigator for Afghanistan Reconstruction – SIGAR.

afghanistan_uscentcom_sigar_wardak-police-training-center_2016Take it easy boy have a cigar appears to be the policy that has seen funds for the reconstruction of Afghanistan squandered away, lost, spent on shady deals, and as the SIGAR report now suggests, on building a half-million dollar training center for Afghan police that is litterally melting away in the rain.

On Thursday SIGAR released a report stating that the police training center which was built in central Wardak province of Afghanistan was so badly constructed, with the Afghan contractor using sub-standard materials, that it is being washed away and melts in the rain.

SIGAR’s report also points out that the roof was built of plastic with a concrete cap instead of a sturdy gravel as called for under the contract. Moreover, sand bricks were used instead of clay bricks and support beams weren’t securely fastened to the structure, the report added.

SIGAR stressed that the center began to disintegrate just four months after it was completed in 2012. The disintegration of the police training center is due to shoddy construction that was allowed to happen because the U.S. Central Command contracting commanders failed to oversee the project appropriately.

 SIGAR also notes that the government of Afghanistan is rebuilding the complex itself, calling it an “embarrassment”. In the meantime, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) has stated it would try to find and, if necessary, discipline the contracting commanders responsible. CENTCOM has also promised to take corrective action, including seeking compensation from the contractor if appropriate.

The irony that this happened to a police training center for Afghan police forces who among others will have to combat the corruption that is rampant in the country hasn’t been lost on many observers and Afghan police recruits.

CH/L – nsnbc 18.12.2016

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