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Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

Venezuela Sends Team to Rebuild Homes in Haiti

Jeanette Charles (VA) : The Venezuelan government deployed a team to Haiti Monday to assess the reconstruction of homes in the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation. Last week, the Venezuelan medical brigade returned after providing care for more than 6,000 Haitians, according to Haiti Libre.

The Venezuelan medical brigade composed of Haitian and Venezuelan doctors returned on Monday from its medical mission (Correo del Orinoco).

The Venezuelan medical brigade composed of Haitian and Venezuelan doctors returned on Monday from its medical mission (Correo del Orinoco).

Four representatives from the Mission New Tricolor Neighborhood Mission will make up the team to continue Venezuelan solidarity with the island nation.

In Venezuela, social programs including the New Tricolor Neighborhood Mission as well as Great Venezuela Housing Mission have provided housing for the historically marginalized. Recently, Venezuela reached 1.2 million homes built since devastating rains destroyed homes across the country in 2011.

“Our goal is to survey the damage caused [by the hurricane] and our purpose is to replicate the work we do in Venezuela,” declared Jesús Gómez, logistical director of the brigade.

Thus far, Venezuela has sent 120 tons of cement and 28,500 square meters of materials for roofs among other materials. The main region where Venezuela will rebuild homes is in the department of Grand’Anse on Haiti’s southwestern tip.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan medical brigade of 40 medical professionals was received Friday by Venezuelan Vice-President Aristobulo Isturiz, Health Minister Luisana Melo, and Venezuelan Ambassador to Haiti David Lesly at the Maiquetia International Airport in Vargas state.

“We welcome you on behalf of the Venezuelan people and President Nicolas Maduro. You are heroes of the Republic, you have done an extraordinary job and all our citizens are proud of your brigade which has been in solidarity with the people of Haiti,” said Isturiz.

“We will never be able to pay Haiti back for what it has done for our country. We have a nation today, among other achievements, thanks to the Haitian people’s support,” he affirmed.

Likewise, the International Brigade’s medical representative, Delia Mundaray, stated, “The Haitian people received free medical care from us…the army of white blouses has fulfilled its mission entrusted by President Nicolas Maduro.”

She continued, “We have worked with our hearts for each of the patients we have assisted on behalf of our country, as the greatest legacy that the eternal Commander Hugo Chavez left us.”

Former President Chavez consistently voiced the Venezuelan people’s historical debt to Haiti as the one country that enthusiastically and materially supported Simon Bolivar’s mission to liberate South America from Spanish colonial rule. Chavez expressed Venezuela’s gratitude and commitment to accompanying the Haitian people in solidarity and action.

Jeanette Charles, Venezuelanalysis

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