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Published On: Sun, Sep 11th, 2016

The World after 9/11

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The shock, the sorrow and the outpouring of sympathy and solidarity with the United States has subsided but the void remains as it swallows unanswered questions, asked by those who advocate truth, liberty, peace and justice, omitted, denigrated, ridiculed by complicit media systems. The void that slowly and consistently has swallowed up nations and hundreds of thousands in the chaos that was unleashed upon the world under the banner of a war on terror.

New York 9/11Four planes hijacked by alleged “Al-Qaeda” terrorists; Two flown into the World Trade Center Twin Towers, one flown into the Pentagon, one crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The towers fell, the Pentagon burst into flames, the plane in Shanksville unrecognizable, evaporated, shredded, but a bandana and ID papers survived as mysteriously as the passport of alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta.

On 9/11 our world, normally and normatively solidly anchored in science, reverted, regressed and became once again a world of myths, mystery and “legends”, a word that belongs to the standard vocabulary of intelligence insiders. Disneyland after dark.

Headlines were crafted. Lead articles void of questions. Television content aired on the first day, content that diverged from the emerging official narrative never aired again.

Stock markets were in crisis. The air was safe to breathe. Speculations grew; All of them, with the exception of a few underground grassroots grew straight toward and into the light cast by media spectacles that would scorch them and with them those few “believers” who were on the quest for the truth behind the veils of myths and legends.

Everybody, from the mountains of the Hindukush where the news, due to the lack of modern infrastructure was spread from mouth to mouth, to the high-tech environment of New York knew that everything had changed. How easily manipulated are people in shock, the traumatized. The world was caught in anticipation. Sorrow and shock were replaced by bellicose calls for war and intolerance.

You are either with us or you are with the terrorists. Some hoped everything would “go away”, revert to the old ways, the world before 9/11, ignoring that “the old ways” were the ways of the deeply entrenched plutocracy that had brought misery upon the people of the world, from Korea to Vietnam, to Chile, to Afghanistan, the world, the citizens of the United States included. The old ways were the ways that had led to 9/11.

Very few in the United States panicked. Amazement about the fact that 3,000 died in the USA and blissful ignorance about the thousands of daily deaths caused by U.S. policy was the prevailing sentiment. What was observed was helplessness and observance of conformity.

The few who raised questions were denounced as unpatriotic, traitors, conspiracy nuts, omitted and misrepresented in mainstream media; Many of the voices of reason who were granted five minutes of fame were ridiculed and most of them who were granted more time than that in the media spotlight were proposing such wild speculations that they were, to say the very least, useful idiots who wittingly or unwittingly contributed to maintaining the status quo.

The events on 9/11 brought the world to a point of no return and only a small minority ever bothered to ask the question why the tragic death of 3,000 brings the entire world to a point  of no return when the daily death toll inflicted on people abroad by the machinations of the United States and its allies by far exceeds this number, day, by day, by day.

Hopes that everything would return to “normal”, to the old ways, were the silently complicit hopes of people who wittingly or unwittingly hoped that the plutocrats’ killing spree could continue unabated. Some would say 9/11 was blow back, others, the more cynical and the more awake and aware ones would say “rubbish”, it was a “blow job”.

Regardless whether one adheres to the official myth, to the blow back or blow job based theories, there are three questions that one has to confront with dispassionate clarity, for the conclusions one inevitably arrives at by answering them, and the course of action one determines based on these answers demand clarity of mind and carefully crafted action rather than catchy slogans;  What is required is organization until the right moment has come to take back the country and the world from the terrorists.

Giving the official myths credence, for the arguments’ sake: Can the world accept that the act of a few radical “terrorists” gives war hawks and plutocrats permission to wage undeclared and illegal wars, where ever, when ever they find that a regime, a group of people, an organization is not with them, and by extension of their logic with “the terrorists”?

Giving the blow back and intelligence failure arguments credence one must ask: Can the world tolerate that blow back and intelligence failures led to 9/11 and that the very same deeply entrenched persons and systems who were responsible for the policies that have led to both shall be allowed to continue to play with fire and extend their pyromania to the entire globe?

Giving credence to those who are proponents of the evidence-based accusations suggesting that rogue networks within rogue governments and their associated plutocratic  structures and systems were responsible for 9/11, one must ask: How can I partake in preparing for the day when the people in the United States rise up and take their country back.

It is a question that needs to be answered by everyone, dispassionately, clearly, and with actionable answers, for that day shall come; And the answers must be actionable for make no mistake, plans how to oppress the inevitable uprising are well-developed. They can and will be implemented when this inevitable moment arises and one better be prepared.

It is a question that needs to be answered by any responsible U.S. American politician who values his country, his people and the world. It is a question that needs to be answered by every single U.S. citizen because when the time has come it will be too late to make preparations.

The only remaining options for those who will be caught in the river of history, unprepared, will be to go with the flow and there is no telling what torrent you will be caught up in and whether or not it will drown or carry you unless you have learned to swim, learned to empower yourself, organize and survive. It is also a question that urgently needs to be answered by world leaders who are cognizant about the fact that the inevitable in the U.S.A. inevitably will have repercussions for the world as a whole.

The people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, who are caught up in strife and unspeakable misery caused by the machinations of plutocrats and their minions, the  midwives of the terrorism that was unleashed upon the world under the banner of the war on terror, these people who are far removed from the Oval Office are suffering the full tragic, and unbearable impact of what has been happening, does happen and of what ever will be happening in Washington.

Fifteen years after 9/11 it must have dawned upon everyone that it is no longer safe to sit on the fence; Like a spectator who believes that he does not support commercialized sport because he sits on the fence and watches without having bought a ticket. With today’s political, military and intelligence powers of global reach, it must have dawned upon everyone that there are no safe fences to sit on, no matter how far removed from Washington they may be.

The viability of a revolutionary strategy can and will ever and only be determined by testing it against the test of political practice, and not by theories,  proclaimed from the sidelines and the fences. Those who are unwilling to risk their life and freedom have no life and don’t value freedom, regardless of how often they pay lip-service to it.

CH/L – nsnbc 11.09.2016

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About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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  1. Certainly: those who performed the Nairobi, 9/11 possess power, organisation, means necessary to repeat multiply the scenario. The Paris, Brussels, Moscow incidents are of much lesser order of magnitude, thus highly probably not related to the former.
    There is one more question: why did not they strike repeatedly, multiply, continuously?
    As it is, it remains non logical, thus pointing very strongly that there is something very wrong in the official reports and explanations.

  2. Its astonishing the terrible lie and millions dead. and USA government can not even get the date correct: Like everything they do.
    11/9 – Eleventh day of September .

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